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New Children’s Book Teaches Children to “Unplug”, the Fun Way

The Adventures of the Bungalow Fly

Adventures and Important Lessons in “The Adventures of the Bungalow Fly”

ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 27, 2022 / — With the presence of digital technology, people are wired to their computers and other devices to make their lives effective and efficient. We cling on to technology for entertainment too. However, the downside is, our children also do, too. And without knowing its limits, addiction to cellular phones and other computer devices can be lethal.

This book is meant to help parents who are struggling with their children who are addicted to their electronic devices or would want to avoid this from happening.

A new book for children aims to turn things around – teaching children the importance of unplugging from technology, and simply going out in the sun to play.

Author Anthony Azar pens his entertaining and enthralling book entitled, “The Adventures of the Bungalow Fly” which aims to spread fun, joy, and one of the most important lessons for the current generation.

The Bungalow Fly’s new adventure begins when the bungalow fly meets a man who spends all his days plugged into electronics, gadgets, and other things. The Bungalow Fly uses her creative and mischievous ways to help the man get his life back and put a smile on his face.

“This story is about a man who sat on his rump. He never went out, and he never got up. Never would play or turn the phone ringer off. He just sat his whole life in front of a screen,” Azar writes in the first few pages of the book.

The book is filled with beautiful and entertaining rhymes that are perfect for parents to read to their children during bedtime, with beautifully drawn illustrations that make up a perfect book for those who are looking for fun books that are packed with important teachings for children.

“It is my intention to help parents in teaching their children that there is life and fun outside the digital realm,” Azar says.

Azar’s use of a talking fly as the main character brought humor and energy that eventually gave a happy and beautiful ending to the life of a man who was addicted to a life of digital technology.

Grab your copy now of “The Adventures of the Bungalow Fly”, now available on Amazon and other leading digital platforms worldwide.

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