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Netrack Prioritizing Business Resilience in 2022

Mr. U.N Krishnaraj, National Manager, Sales and Support at NetRack Enclosures has been a part of an insightful event focusing on – Resilient ICT for a Phygital World. It is a virtual conference available on-demand now, elaborating on the blend of the digital and physical world coming together to enhance end-user experience. Gain insights on how the businesses are making themselves more resilient against the threat environment, by adapting to the latest technological innovations and breaking through the prevailing competition.


Netrack Prioritizing Business Resilience in 2022


Mr. Krishnaraj spoke about the necessity of choosing the right racks with accessories for better airflow management, the Concept of Micro Data-Centre, Seismic rated rack and Sound proof Racks.


During the conference, Mr. Krishnaraj also explained concept of Remote Monitoring of Power, Environmental and Physical Aspect of the rack.


Key Benefits of this BICSI Endorsed ICT Event Focused on Building Business Resilience

  1. Overcome the work challenges experienced due to the pandemic with practical business tips

  2. Adapt to smart work environments flexibly for faster turnaround

  3. Know about the latest trends and technological innovations from ICT Industry

  4. Explore the scope of digital transformation seamlessly integrated to develop business resilience

  5. Stay informed about the upcoming trends and technologies in 2022

Touchpoints Covered in the Phygital World Conference


Modern data centres and network infrastructure are moving ahead towards hyper-convergence. It involves structuring data centres within a single interface and streamlining operational processes, keeping the infrastructure safe.


Know the critical values for cable length in meters, resistance, insertion loss margin, and detailed graphical results.


Optimizing server efficiency is critical to match scalable needs emerging from extensive workload and resources


Significance of survey and assessment of an IT infrastructure to identify the areas of improvement and meet IT objectives.


A series of clearly defined activities throughout the entire lifecycle of a data centre project inclusive of – design phase, equipment specification, construction, procurement, migration, and completion.


IoT platform enables the sourcing of data from the physical world and converting the data in favour of the company. IoT establishes a digital link between the brand/product and its customers.


Application of POE technology is compatible with wifi, Bluetooth, networked surveillance cameras and VOIP phones.


Upgrading to fiber optic cables is the most cost-effective solution these days. It is the fastest network cable supporting high-speed connectivity amongst digital users.


An adaptive and responsive IT environment defines the next-gen data centre set-up where the software will manage the critical tasks instead of just relying on hardware installations.


A combination of surveillance devices consists of sensors, actuators, and cameras. It also enables storage and monitoring at the same time.


The post-COVID era seems much safer than before. Thoughtful training and consulting services make the resources tougher to face challenges at work and excel in their field.


About Netrack

NetRack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top manufacturers of network enclosures worldwide. The company offers active network components to meet the demands of modern-day office spaces. Their product range includes Server &Networking Racks, Wall Mount Racks, Acoustic racks, Seismic Racks, Lab Racks & Furniture, and Customized racks.


To explore more about business resilience and how companies are adapting to the smart work environment, log on to


Speaker’s Background: An experienced professional holding years of experience in the field of IT, data centre, cooling and manufacturing.


Speaker’s Skills: An active BICSI member showing skills in Engineering Management, Customer Service, Sales and Support.



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