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Need Language Tutor for French or Punjabi, Think Native Monks for Over 130 Languages

Language has been the bridge between communities for a very long time. It enables communication, which in turn enables knowledge sharing, experiences, and much more. But most language learning platforms lack a key ingredient – native speakers.


Native Monks is a unique language learning platform connecting keen learners with native language tutors


Native Monks needs little introduction when it comes to learning languages online. The platform that started out to help immigrants adapt as per local languages, has now grown into a dedicated in-person language learning platform, for over 130 languages with thousands of tutors and learners across the globe.


Language is more than just translation – it is a mix of the right accent, vocabulary, and culture. Native Monks, as a platform, solves just that. With thousands of tutors from across the globe well-versed in multiple languages, the platform enables a native language learning experience like no other.


At Native Monks, students can choose the language they would like to learn and select a particular course. There are different courses available to suit the specific requirements of students. The courses offer varying discounts and validity periods to fit a student’s requirements and budget.


Once a course is booked, a suitable tutor is allocated. Students can book their first lesson based on their and the tutor’s availability. The student also has access to features such as live chat with the support team and a messaging panel for discussions with their tutor. The one-to-one personalized classes are conducted via a dedicated, in-built video platform, that enables real-time conferencing.


To create a more authentic and real-life experience, Native Monks has introduced the feature of live classes. Native Monks believes that one size doesn’t fit all. Pre-recorded lessons cannot help one learn a language well since each student is at a different level. Therefore they tailor their classes based on the student’s prior language proficiency. Their native tutors help learners work on their fluency, accents, and confidence in speaking the language. The platform believes that no two learners are the same which is why it promotes the use of a reliable and authentic feedback system tailored to every learner’s progress. It also allows learners an opportunity to rate their tutors for more transparency for future students.


Native Monks has about 8,300 qualified native tutors, and in the last four years, it has onboarded over 5,500 students. Today the platform’s learners and tutors are on a positive trajectory of intercultural communication. With Punjabi speakers learning how to speak fluent French from native tutors, native Russian tutors teaching their language to Chinese students, and newbies learning to speak Portuguese, their positive stories are endless.


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