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Mukunda Foods Launches Wokie – A Fully Automated Machine for Chinese and Indian Cuisines

Bangalore-based Mukunda Foods has been redefining the culinary business by manufacturing automated machines for the preparation of global cuisine with minimum human intervention in commercial kitchens.




After witnessing the success of the robotic solutions in commercial kitchens with Dosamatic (A fully automatic dosa-making machine), Rico (The Automatic Rice, Noodle & Pasta Maker) and Eco-Fryer (For frying French Fries, Momos, Samosas, Burger Patties, etc. in less oil), the company has now launched Wokie. It is a fully automated machine for cooking Chinese and Indian food along with Thai cuisine gravies.


The easy-to-operate-and-maintain Wokie is a low maintenance technology that encourages lesser dependency on physical labour. It is energy efficient and IoT-connected for adjusting and upgrading with new updates. One can add up to 1000 customised recipes which can be easily operated by following the instructions of adding ingredients specified with the quantity, speed and temperature to maintain as per the set recipe.


The brand is helping other companies to improve product consistency and create a safer work environment. The constant struggle of maintaining the consistency in food quality especially for QSR brands can be solved as the food can be prepared easily using a pre-set recipe.


This new-age cooking station made using advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Image Analytics, Assistive Cooking Technology, Centralised Cloud Computing and High Steam Microwave, has streamlined the cooking process. It has introduced automated Stirring & Tossing, Assisted Cooking, and Automated Heat Control properties, making it a perfect tool to cook delicious Wok-based dishes like noodles, pastas, fried rice, and a variety of curries and starters.


Re-engineered to perform best, Wokie comes with a three-ply drum and non-stick coating that helps in the best heat transfer, energy-saving and durability of the drum. Wokie has been carefully designed for brands that do not compromise on food quality thus providing a hassle-free cooking experience. By using smart solutions for kitchen, the staff can keep aside operational worries and focus on the customers.


Thrilled on the official launch of Wokie, Eshwar K Vikas and Sudeep Sabaat, Co-Founders of Mukunda Foods collectively addressed, “We are delighted to add another innovative solution in our product portfolio that will help brands to focus more on quality and customers. Wokie is the most versatile automated machine that can perform numerous functions and assist chefs in cooking Asian, Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisines. We hope to revolutionise the commercial kitchen space with our robotic solutions and thus become the country’s largest kitchen automation brand in the food retail industry.”


With the vision to automate Indian kitchens and help entrepreneurs scale up their profitability by using automation, the brand has manufactured 5 types of machines till date, that simplify the complex steps involved in the cooking processes thus enabling kitchens to maintain consistency and quality of the end product while driving down costs by reducing dependence on skilled workforce. The new-age automated machines manufactured in the Bangalore facility have been installed in over 22 countries so far. 


Mukunda Foods is endeavouring to stay consistent with its technological growth and machinery, and cater to the needs of a wider customer base in the near future.


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