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Ms. Jyoti Announces her Collaboration with Zixdo in Kolkata , Founder Shakeb Rahman

New Delhi, December 12: Zixdo, one of the subsidiaries of (the largest gadget repair chain in Asia), is a rapidly growing chain in the field of car washing and detailing across India. The company has made all the efforts to establish itself as a household name for such services. In the same efforts, the company, along with Ms. Jyoti Sinha Roy, announced its franchise opening in Kolkata on 25th November and invited all citizens to experience our services.

One of our services that qualify as the USP of Zixdo is the doorstep cleaning and lite-detailing of the cars. This became a reality only with our qualified team and skilled technicians alongside our high-end portable machines. We provide these services for all kinds of models and brands of cars and ensure that the quality of the products used and the hygiene of the place are maintained. To maximize our reach in our customer base, we have also launched an online platform through which all our services can be booked.

With its foundation in a well-established organization like, Zixdo had a strong base and structure since its establishment, which has also proved beneficial in the growth of its chains in the country. The company was started with the sole motto of providing hassle-free services in this field more straightforward to the consumers, and this ideology has helped the company to experience exponential growth.

Now that we have launched our franchise in your city, we are excited to welcome our potential customers and turn out as the most promising brand among them. You can book our services in just a few taps through our website.

Zixdo is also giving a shoutout to potential investors and franchise partners. You, too, can come and become a franchise partner and earn the lifelong benefits of this low-investment business. Worry not; we will get the staff trained in a well-mannered way and provide assistance throughout.



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