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Mr. Suresh Goli, The Founder Of Cloud Odyssey, On How MuleSoft Is Making a Difference for Salesforce

Cloud Odyssey is a leading Cloud Consulting company, with headquarters in London and operations centers in Texas and India. Founded by Suresh Goli, the firm’s mission is to improve the cloud infrastructure of businesses — helping them move faster, at a lower cost.

Cloud Odyssey Texas office

Suresh Goli highlights the value of his company by stating, “Cloud Odyssey values its clients’ business processes and wants to help them evolve with the world around them. We recognize that Salesforce is a fast-growing ecosystem, and we want to be at the forefront of this new revolution. This is why we employ the best in cloud technology and combine it with our proven expertise in network administration, business intelligence, and mobile development.”

At the outset of the “Age of Digitization,” Mr. Goli realized that Salesforce and a variety of other cloud-based platforms have great potential to be used in tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. As a result, he’s been able to multiply his experience working with Salesforce and other cloud-based platforms over recent years to bring significant change to the Salesforce ecosystem.

MuleSoft can revolutionize customer service because, at its core, the company is committed to customer success. The platform delivers on this goal by creating the APIs and tools that allow Salesforce to connect to any system, application, or data source. With MuleSoft, businesses can create a unified customer experience across all platforms in real-time.

When real-time data gets collected, Salesforce applies validation rules to it, and transforms that data into a format that’s compatible with other applications that are using it. This is essential for making sure the data generated in your marketing and sales systems is accurate — because if it isn’t, companies can get into trouble down the road. And Big Data Analytics can help you sort out all of your customer issues in no time.

He further enhances how companies are revolutionizing the industry, “The data integration technology behind the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce, and the company that revolutionized SSO, is a match made in heaven. With MuleSoft managing data across any system and bringing your company’s data together in one streamlined place, you can finally move past disparate data silos and provide exceptional customer service with ease.”

Mr. Goli highlights, “MuleSoft is dedicated to facilitating seamless integration of applications, devices, and data to meet the needs of their customers. So, whether you are marketing with top social media sites or trying to stay on top of your growing e-commerce business, MuleSoft can help you seamlessly integrate applications, devices, and data for a more efficient operation.”

Mr. Goli is a man on a mission — to make his clients’ lives easier and more efficient by improving their Salesforce usage. So, he founded his own company, Cloud Odyssey, which specializes in Salesforce-based technology solutions for the enterprise. Through his innovative tools and tips, Mr. Goli helps businesses make the most out of their Salesforce platform — from app development and integration to support.

Being a Salesforce certified partner in India, Mr. Goli has founded Cloud Odyssey to help companies implement Salesforce and other relevant platforms. He possesses years of experience using the Salesforce platform to provide seamless services.

“Technology is no longer a barrier to innovation,” says Mr. Goli. “It shouldn’t be used as an excuse for being inaccessible or too expensive. Cloud Odyssey was built to create a solution for the mid-market and smaller businesses that are trying to compete with large enterprises — an SME shouldn’t have to choose between developing their business and remaining competitive online.






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