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Mr. Devesh Salvi is Announcing the launch of Doorstep Wash in your city Bangalore: Shakeb Rahman

December 01: On 18th November, Doorstep Wash has stepped into your city Bangalore in partnership with Mr. Devesh Salvi. Doorstep Wash is in the sector of cleaning and detailing of your four-wheelers and the unique selling property of the brand is providing these services at the doorsteps of its consumers. The brand has over 100 already established and running franchises in India and is working towards coming up with 30 more franchises in different parts of the country.

Doorstep Wash is the result of the hard work of professionals who are experts in their respective fields, they are working towards making DSW the largest chain of doorstep washing and detailing. The experts from Phixman and Zixdo have helped us evolve a well-structured and free-flowing system in the company. DSW is working with the motto of satisfying its consumers and leaving them with happy faces by detailing their loved four vehicles.

For the ease of our customers, we have also launched our user-friendly digital platform through which any of our services can be booked. After the booking is confirmed, you will be served at your doorsteps. With the launch of our franchise in Bangalore, we are welcoming customers to try and trust our services for their requirements. Although consumers can get their cars cleaned anywhere, however if they want to customize their vehicle, then DSW is the brand.

We at Doorstep Wash ensure to maintain the quality of our service alongside ensuring the hygiene of the surrounding. Come with any car model of any brand and go with a completely different-looking vehicle with our detailing service is what we keep first. With this objective, the brand is working day and night to make itself the largest serving chain in this sector.

Expansions are on our radar! Yes, we are looking forward to expanding the boundaries of our brand to different cities of the nation and so are welcoming interested entrepreneurs to invest in the business and become our franchise partners. We will provide all the necessary help in the initial phase of your establishment.


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