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Mother of Meme Tokens Aims to Make COVID-19 Vaccination for Underprivileged Easier

Those who have a keen interest in investment space in technology will agree with the fact that meme tokens have become a mass frenzy. They have constantly become a hot topic on the forums where cryptocurrency is talked about.


MOM aims to make COVID19 vaccination for underprivileged easier


Cryptocurrencies that gain popularity and grow in a short period of time because of online promotion by investors and retailers are called meme tokens. While there are thousands of meme tokens in trade, not all are secure or purpose-oriented. All meme tokens are cryptocurrencies, but not all meme tokens have a purpose or utility.


Mother of Meme tokens is launching soon with a specific objective. The objective is to be a charity focused cryptocurrency that uses all its gains for charitable purposes. The total supply of MOM tokens will be 100 quadrillion tokens when it launches. The proceeds from the investment will be used for a purpose.


The main aim of MOM is to get underprivileged and those who can’t afford vaccines to get vaccinated and protected against the pandemic creating virus COVID-19. Recent data suggests that India is most effected country due to COVID, so MOM management took the decision to carry out COVID vaccination drive in rural parts of the country and wants to deliver free vaccination to under privileged. The creators of MOM are partnering with several Non-Governmental Organisations across India and are raising awareness for the same.


While there have been a lot of meme tokens or tokens that have promised to change the world, bring changes or help the world, not many have been transparent and some have even gone missing.


MOM token owners will keep updating their progress of the vaccination drive with real-time updates. The tokens issued by MOM are for ensuring 100% deliverable on the ground. The MOM token Promoters believe in the philosophy that MOM token would care for all, love her and she will grow to protect you in the sunny days of life ahead.


MOM is equipped with some unique and some rewarding features like:

  • It has one of the fastest transaction speeds
  • It is one of the safest and secure token networks
  • Tokens would be manually burnt to ensure the scarcity of tokens. This will give rise to long term owner benefits
  • 2% would be added back to the liquidity pool for the long term
  • Holders interest is ensured by exciting offers and rewards
  • They have social communities to keep holders connected and ensure transparency


Some other features of MOM tokens are:

  • Rug Proof
  • Dev doxxed
  • Good Community
  • To be listed by many of the top 30 CMC in the upcoming days.
  • Audited by Techrate


For MOM token holders meeting the specified purpose of social welfare, charity and vaccination of the underprivileged are the most important. They are launching with keeping safety checks in place and keeping high regard for transparency and trust.


MOM token is launching soon. They are coming up with exciting airdrop rewards in the coming days. Each user in their telegram community has a chance to grab up to 500 million tokens. The excitement for this launch is high.



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