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Most Popular Casino Games in India

Gambling is one of the integral elements of Indian customs and culture. Indian gamers love the thrill of playing online casino games with high rollers. Gone are the days when players in India enjoy playing against robots and computers.

Since most Indian states have legal access to international casinos, gamers prefer playing their favorite online casino games against other individuals with similar skills and interests.

Therefore, here are the best casino games India for players looking for thrilling challenges, arranged in no particular order:


Blackjack is a simple casino game with a few easy-to-remember rules. This game’s primary objective is to get a card score that’s closest to 21 points without going over.

Gamers place their wagers before seeing their own cards. The dealer deals two cards, placed face down to each player. The players take turns to reveal their hands by turning their cards over one at a time. This move starts with the gamer on the dealer’s left.

According to the rules, the dealer’s job is to compare their hand to each player’s cards and scores them. Players can choose to stand or sit, depending significantly on their hand total.

Blackjack is about anticipation and shrewdly reading the table. The dealer has to go bust, i.e., over 21, or for a player to get a blackjack, i.e., a total of 21.


Roulette is one of the most popular and iconic casino games played extensively in land-based and online casinos. It is the game of choice for millions of gamers in India and other parts of the world.
This is because roulette is a very simple casino game with an incredibly impressive number of betting options.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a unique casino game that Indians love to play, especially during the Diwali festival. This casino game, translated as ‘three cards brag,’ shares similar gaming principles with American poker.

Teen Patti is believed to have pioneered safe gambling habits, especially within the Indian gambling community or populace. This casino game uses ante wagers made before the game kicks off.

Players that play teen Patti must have impressive counting skills. Players that have viewed their cards make at least double or quadruple times their bets. Those who fail to view their cards, referred to as blind players, can only match the base amount or double it to continue the casino game.


Many gamers consider baccarat an easy-to-play glamorous casino game. However, it is also one of the simplest casino games to learn. Two hands exist in baccarat: one hand is referred to as the banker, and the other is the player.

Most online gaming platforms spice up players’ gaming experiences by providing several variations of games. But these variations differ from one gaming platform to the other.


Slots make up many games at most land-based and online casinos. It is the most accessible game on offer in most Indian online casinos and has a high demand — those who get lucky win high prizes.

Slots come in many options, from traditional fruit machines with three reels and one pay table to the ever-popular and impressive video slots with high-quality graphics and lifelike animations. You will also enjoy several additional features like symbols and bonus games.

Indian rummy

Rummy is another popular casino game in India. The first objective of Indian rummy is to finish all cards in hand. When playing this casino game, gamers need to make three or more sets of equal rank.

The gamer with the most points wins that particular round. Gamers can also decide on different combinations during the casino game. For example, a completed set gives a point to its owner and another point if the set is a 3-card flush.

Texas hold’em poker

This is another top-rated casino game that Indians love to play. Texas hold ’em poker can be played on standard poker tables with two cards in each gamer’s hand. Therefore, 2 to 6 players can sit around the table with their hands facing up in readiness to play this casino game.

Each player is dealt two cards while five cards are placed on the table, face down. Then, the gamers place wagers on their own hands or fold. The winner of this exceptionally thrilling casino game can only be determined by the best hand at the showdown when every other player reveals their hands.


Indian gamers love playing craps at a few online casinos. Craps is a casino dice game that can be played using virtual dice. It is one of the most entertaining casino games, though only a handful of gambling websites introduce it to play.

However, gamers are expected to thoroughly understand this casino game’s techniques before playing for real money.

These are some of the most popular casino games gamers love in India. Other gaming options exist, but only time will tell when they will become as popular as those listed above.


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