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Monthly Horoscope September 2021: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio; Find out what’s in store for you in the new month

Note: Monthly horoscope is based on your ascendant sign. All the predictions are generalised in nature. If a person wants accurate and personaliSed predictions, a careful study of the planetary positions and a complete study of the horoscope must be done by a skilled astrologer.




Aries sign people are likely to make good gains in the workplace. You will maintain a congruity in approach with that of your senior officers and they will be pleased with your efforts. You shall get the opportunities to make progress in the workplace. Business people will make progress throughout the month except for the initial week. Some of you may get involved in a new trade too. You shall do well in deals that you are doing in partnership. If you are keen to get married, you shall receive some attractive proposals. You need to remain cautious about your health as skin allergy, indigestion and physical exhaustion may trouble you and also exercise restraint over your speech and the desire to settle the conflicts by debating or arguing. Students will get good results during the middle of the month and success in a competitive exam. You may have to spend money to meet the requirements of your offspring. Your interest in religious rituals will increase. The end of the month shall bring relief from your health problems. The month shall bring mixed results on the monetary front.




Taurus sign people will have a pleasant family life. You will succeed in your endeavours in the workplace. The salaried folks are likely to make solid gains during the initial days of the month. Avoid getting into intense debates or discussions with your colleagues and senior officers. Business people will have to work in a focused and calm manner. There will be some problems in projects that you are implementing in partnership. Conditions will remain highly favourable for making monetary gains and there will be strong chances of an increase in your bank balance. The month shall bring special gains for those who are in the field of banking and writing. There will be ups and downs in your relationship with your life partner. You will focus on your work with full concentration. Students will secure success in your activities. You shall get positive results out of matters pertaining to land purchase and familial heritage. Take care of your health throughout the month as your poor eating habits may disturb your digestive system in a major way. Your difference of opinion with your offspring will come out in the open rather loudly. A loaned amount may get returned. Some unnecessary expenses will keep you irritated so you must control your spending.




Gemini sign people will get the support of their family members in abundance. There will be strong chances of a significant increase in your comforts and pleasures. Conditions will remain favourable on the work front. Salaried people will go through some transformations in their job. There will be positive developments in romantic relationships. However, married couples will have some conflicts to resolve. They must exercise restraint over their speech while holding conversations. If you have been trying to conceive, you are likely to get the good news. You may spend money on yourself to have fun and indulge in luxury shopping. You may plan to purchase a new house or get the existing apartment renovated. Your bond with your siblings will get stronger. This will be a highly productive month for students. You must remain extra alert while driving a vehicle. You are likely to get relief from your financial problems. A health issue will persist so you must take adequate care. It will be good for your own cause to exercise restraint over your anger and speech.




Cancer sign people are likely to reach their targets in a big way this month. You will succeed in all your endeavours on account of your valour and confidence. Salaried folks are likely to make monetary gains this month and your seniors’ support will prove beneficial. Some of you are likely to start a new business. An apartment or a plot sale deal will prove gainful. You are likely to spend money on decorating the interiors of your house. You will maintain a congruous approach with that of your parents. You will feel very emotional about your relationships as a result of which your bonds will acquire strength. Your comforts are set to increase and you will spend comfortably on them. Your speech will remain very attractive. Students will make achievements and complete all their pending tasks. You are likely to suffer from cold, cough and muscular pain. If there was any issue in your marital life, it will get resolved. You may have to undertake too many official trips and keep yourself away from negative thoughts.




Leo sign people are likely to start a new project this month. Things and situations will remain in the workplace. Your colleagues will cooperate with you nicely. There will be a continuous inflow of money but your expenses are set to remain high. Too much anger, stress and analysis can affect your health adversely. You must restrain yourself from that. If you are already coping with a health issue, you must take care of it. An official trip is possible. You may also set out on a pilgrimage. A new source of income is likely to come your way. You will face some problems in your familial and marital life. People who maintain a social profile are likely to gain popularity and prestige. Your relations with your offspring will remain harmonious and they will also support you by every means. Your siblings’ support will prove beneficial. You must exercise restraint over your speech and conduct. Take care of your parents’ health and avoid getting into conflicts with your seniors.




Virgo sign people will enjoy a strong financial standing throughout the month. Salaried folks are likely to get good results. There will be strong chances of getting a raise and promotion. Your senior officers will bless you and favour you. Writers and banks will make significant progress. You will succeed in your tasks on account of your influential speech. Business people will have to work very hard. You are likely to expand your business network. You shall meet several of your relatives, distant as well as close, even if they stay in a different town. Students will get success only if they put in a lot of effort. Be mindful while eating and drinking and stay cautious on the health front. You will emerge victorious if you are involved in any legal wrangle. There will be enhanced harmony between you and your life partner but his/her health will be a reason to worry. Your expenses may suddenly shoot up in an emergency situation. Some kind of stress will linger. You should avoid unnecessary stress.




Libra sign people will get mixed results this month. Your personality will shine like a star. Salaried folks will succeed in their tasks. There will be favourable situations on the work front. You may face problems in the domestic sphere. You will maintain a congruous approach with that of your life partner. You must take care of his/her health. You shall make gains on account of activities done in foreign countries through the means of e-communication. You may spend money to purchase the items of comfort and pleasure. Your government-related issues will get resolved once the middle of the month is over. A loaned amount may be returned if you make some efforts. You will remain hassled on account of health issues. The initial part of the month will be favourable for students. They will make gains on account of the foreign country’s institutions. There will be positive developments on the financial front. You will work very hard to improve your financial standing. Single people are likely to get some excellent proposals. There will be some unnecessary running around to do throughout the month.




Scorpio sign people will make gains and progress in the workplace. Some of you may get promoted to a higher post. The month shall bring excellent gains on the monetary front. You will make a solid amount in the share market. An earlier made investment is likely to yield some great results. This will be a highly productive month for students. They will get the most-awaited and desired success in their endeavours. If you have overseas professional assignments, you will certainly do very well. Your familial life will remain pleasant and harmonious. Do not waste your time in discussing unnecessary matters with your family members. If there was any conflict between you and your life partner, it will get resolved. Your bond will get stronger. Your health will remain fine barring a few minor issues. You will travel for work and the journeys will prove beneficial and refreshing. You will have fun.




Sagittarius sign people will make solid gains in the workplace. There will be strong chances of securing success in your professional or business projects. Some of you may even have lucrative job offers. If you have been looking for a job, the month brings strong chances of getting one. Your relationship with your boss will remain harmonious. The initial days of the month bring favourable time on the familial front. You may spend time with your siblings. There will be enhanced harmony in your conjugal life. However, the second half will require conscious effort on your part to maintain congeniality. If you work for commission, you shall make gains. Health front appears stable but you need to be cautious about what you eat and drink. Students will remain enthusiastic about their education. There will be some expenses to be made on necessary items. You may set out on a trip to a place of pilgrimage. Keep your anger and arrogance under control if you want to have a pleasant time.




Capricorn sign people will have to put in a lot of effort in their job or business. There will be some stress on account of an incomplete assignment which you may have offloaded to somebody else. Those who have applied for a job are likely to succeed in getting one. Your relations with your boss are likely to get disharmonious so you must remain calm. You will make monetary gains but your expenses are set to remain high. There will be some health issues so you must take the matter seriously. Students are likely to taste success in all their endeavours. This will be an encouraging month for those who are in love or want to initiate romance with somebody. You may pick up conflicts with your offspring. The married couples will have a pleasant relationship experience. If there are any conflicts, you will resolve them amicably. Maintain love and affection towards your family members. You may feel drawn towards religious rituals.




Aquarius sign people are likely to experience overall positivity and productivity this month. You will enjoy the support of a strongly favourable stroke of luck. Your ongoing problems will get resolved in the workplace. If you have been looking for a job, you will get lucrative offers. There will be mixed experiences for lovers. Keep your anger and arrogance under control if you want harmony in your conjugal life. If you are keen to get married, a new relationship is likely to materialise. Remain vigilant about your work and health in the second half of the month. You may spend a pleasant time with your brothers and siblings. Students will concentrate on their tasks. This is a favourable time for those who are trying to get admission in higher education. This will be a time of wish fulfilment. Drive carefully as there are strong possibilities of getting injured in an accident. This will be an average month for monetary gains. Your expenses are set to remain high. Take care of your parents’ health. You may have to run around unnecessarily on several days.




Pisces sign people will make solid gains and receive auspicious news on the business front. You will do well in partnership-based deals. Salaried folks will have to work hard and run around a lot to be able to do even basic work. Your officers may give you additional responsibilities. Your marital life will remain pleasant but you are advised to keep your ego under control in the second half of the month. You must respect your partner’s feelings. If you have been making efforts to tie the knot, you shall succeed. Your income levels will be fine and a new source may get added too. Your expenses are set to remain high. Students will succeed in their efforts only if they work hard. It will do good to you if you exercise restraint on your speech. Take care of your health as too many minor issues will persist throughout the month. Your offspring will give you reasons to cheer and news about their achievement on the academic front. A property deal will turn into your favour. There will be several journeys to undertake which will refresh you. Your loved ones and friends will support you to make gains.

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