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Miss J Alexander and Zorro14k Set the Gold Standard for Sustainable Digital Fashion with SuperPopDrop and DressX in NYC

Miss J Alexander and the Zorro14k team receive the SuperPopDrop Fashion Innovation Award at the Mint

Miss J Fashion Pose dressed red tunic has aways refused traditional gender labels and instead promotes expressing your true self.

Classic Miss J Style for Crypto Couture

Miss J in all white with a stylish leather jacket poses with the "Gold Bar" Award standing next to Collaboration Artist and Celebrity Photographer James Moritz wearing a black Gucci shirt with bold leather detailed harness

Miss J and James Moritz celebrate the winning of the SuperPopDrop Fashion Innovation Award for the Crypto Couture collaboration

Miss J’s Crypto Couture takes home the Fashion Innovation award offering designs sold as NFTs on Shopify which removes the tech barriers for all to enjoy.

Be fierce, be fabulous and always be and do you.”

— Miss J

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 22, 2021 / — Miss J Alexander often known for his Talent and Style as a runway coach and judge on “Americas Next Top Model” and Puerto Rican Designer Zoro14k were awarded the SuperPopDrop Fashion Award Gold Bar for fashion and humanity in the VR/AR space.

November 22, 2021- The Mynt Lab in NYC hosted the first annual SuperPopDrop Fashion Awards shining a light on the efforts of designers with impact. Among those awarded was the talented Miss J, for his historical and innovative Crypto Couture Collection on and Puerto Rican Star Zoro14k. With Miss J’s famous J-Walk and Zoro14k’s trademark Gold Mask glistening, the 2 were hard to Miss among the panels of thought leaders and creators in attendance.

Both designers are embracing made-to-order sustainability, and various price ranges supporting inclusivity. Miss J’s pre-sale collection is on the world’s first certified Shopify site authorized to sell designer wearables as NFTs through a transaction no different than any other online transaction. For the first time, anyone can purchase an NFT without any technical experience or understanding of crypto or NFTs. “We are removing the technical barriers to purchase an NFT” said co-founder of and Crypto Couture collaboration artist.

Another common theme they share is gender neutrality and support for the LGBTQIA community through projects like Super Phoenix, teaching homeless LGBTQIA youth valuable skills, self-worth, and acceptance. “The Super Phoenix project isn’t just some donation; it is a commitment from our entire agency to help teach disadvantaged kids with hands-on workshops that change young lives. We are committed to helping these kids, and we know it works!” says Crypto Couture collaboration artist James Moritz a partner at The Atfluence Agency.

“I want to use my fashion to make people’s lives in Puerto Rico easier, give scholarships to children so they can be successful, and create sports programs for the kids from my hood to enjoy.” -Zoro14k

“I hope that Crypto Couture will inspire creativity and confidence for my fans and anyone who purchases them to live their true authentic selves.” -Miss J

Miss J is adamant about making every person feel runway ready with “Confidence, Style, and Grace”. The titles of the three collectible virtual coins that are part of a series in the Crypto Couture Drop. The “STYLE” icon coin is the only coin to go on sale to date and started at the price of only $1 and increases with purchases and time. Right now the “STYLE” icon coin is available for sale at for $295 which is still undervalued from the list price of $495. Early purchases of the coin were able to see a substantial gain on their investment already. “We create every collection to have increasing value over time and have already seen sales of the coin purchased at only $1 sell for over $200 on secondary markets like OpenSea,” said Doug Hill co-founder of SuperPopDrop.

Zoro14k is in the early production of a TV series that will give a voice to his homeland, Puerto Rico. Using fashion and NFTs, these talented designers are breaking the norms and rewriting fashion as an inclusive, sustainable expression of self. With talk of a new Zoro14k LGBTQIA collection in the making, and fun modular fashions by Miss J, the best is yet to come. Miss J’s Crypto Couture collection has a limited item Sneak Peek Pre-Sale that is live now at Discover the pre-sale and don’t forget to register for an entire year of Premium VIP Membership ($199 value) at no cost. Be on the lookout for many more celebrity and brand drops coming soon. Register and stay informed on Drops, Contests, Prizes and Giveaways and eventually all VIP members will get early access to each drop that happens on is the world’s first Shopify certified site selling designer digital wearables as NFTs through a transaction no different than any other e-commerce purchase. We are proud to be the 2nd Shopify Site in the world authorized to sell NFTs and the only site in the world selling digital wearables as NFTs on Shopify. We are working with over a hundred brands to get celebrities, Artists and mainstream luxury brand wearables and NFTS for sale on a platform that makes NFTs available to the mass market. The drop is history in the making and after all the press comes out around the drop it will most likely be sold out which means the secondary markets are going to be very important and make every purchase an investment in the history of fashion. The entire collection is expected to go on sale on December 9th at

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