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Mighty Paw Launches Multifunctional Slow Feed Insert For Anxious Gulpers

Mighty Paw Dog Slow Feeder Insert

Mighty Paw's Slow Feeder Insert slows down gulpers

Mighty Paw’s Slow Feeder Insert slows down gulpers

Mighty Paw 's Slow Feeder Insert sticks to any flat surface

Mighty Paw’s Slow Feeder Insert sticks to any flat surface

The family orientated dog gear company released a new fun feeder that turns dog bowls into custom slow feeders with a twist.

We’re stoked to offer dog parents a new solution for healthy mealtime habits as well as for noise-and boredom related problem behaviors.”

— Corey Smith, Founder Mighty Paw

ROCHESTER, NY, USA, November 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mighty Paw, creators of the Smart Bell, Dog Lick Pad and other innovative dog gear, announced the launch of their new interactive Slow Feed Insert. Not only does it slow down gulpers to help prevent bloat, it also entertains anxious and bored dogs who benefit from mental enrichment activities!

Here’s how it works:

The Slow Feed Insert fits into any dog food bowl with a diameter of up to 7” and consists of 6 floppy divider fins that are attached to a base with strong suction. The dividers turn the dog bowl into a maze while the sticky base ensures that smart pups can’t just lift it up and resume wolfing down their food.

Beyond slowing down gulpers, the dividers are also designed to entertain high energy, bored dogs and soothe anxious pups who suffer from noise anxiety caused by thunder, fireworks, construction noise, etc.

For this purpose, they feature many little nubs and ridges that can be covered with soft foods. For example, yogurt, pumpkin purée, peanut butter, wet dog food, raw dog food or even baby food for extra picky eaters. Dogs then have to figure out how to get the food off, which is a great problem solving exercise. Paired with the natural, calming behavior of licking, it also helps contribute to healthier gums and fresher breath.

But that’s not all!

The Slow Feeder Insert also functions on its own when it’s not inserted into a dog food bowl. Its sticky base attaches to any flat surface such as floors, fridge- or dishwasher doors, bathtubs and glass shower enclosures.

That makes it great for in-between food rewards and even helps make grooming and bathing sessions more enjoyable for all.

Additionally, it’s made entirely of BPA-free, food grade silicone that’s dishwasher safe. Last but not least, it features a built-in pull tab that makes messy hands a thing of the past.

About Mighty Paw:

Founded by Corey Smith in 2015, Mighty Paw is a small family-owned and operated dog gear company that’s headquartered in Rochester, NY. Their first product, a hands-free bungee leash set, was born out of sheer necessity when Corey and his wife Sonya, both avid runners, couldn’t find the right gear for runs with their dog Barley. Since then, Mighty Paw has designed a full range of high-quality, affordable products that make life easier and more fun for active dog parents. https://mightypaw.com https://mightypaw.com/blogs/news https://www.instagram.com/mightypaw/ ###

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