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HomePress along with BMS Fit Club Launched India’s First Diabetes Reversal Program along with BMS Fit Club Launched India’s First Diabetes Reversal Program is the fastest growing online pharmacy and eHealth Store based out of South India (Hyderabad) has tied up with BMS Fit Club to expand its footprint in the remote management of lifestyle-related chronic conditions associated with Diabetes & hypertension. Diabetes Reversal Program first time in India launched by and BMS Fit Club.


Supported with the MetroMedi team of specialist doctors and health coaches, the remote and virtual management on the BMS Fit Club will enable seamless and real-time support on nutrition, lifestyle, and medication adherence for diabetic patients. Diabetes’ reversal is possible with our medically proven and clinically approved methods with India’s 1st diabetic reversal platform from MetroMedi & BMS Fit Club states Mrs. Uday Lakshmi – Co-founder, BMS Fit Club.


In India, around 80 million people suffer from Diabetes and another 75 million are Pre-diabetic. It is a leading cause of several fatal health complications which require people to continuously monitor and regulate. To aid the fight against Diabetes through the reduction and reversal, is working on the same partnering with BMS Fit Club states Dilip C Byra – Founder, Also, Mr. Dilip C Byra stated that this program is available virtually pan India and we monitor for 14 days and reduce sugar levels and can even be reversed by continuous management.


Satyanarayana Vaddi, Board Advisor & Chief Growth Officer, MetroMedi stated, “At, we are determined that the entire Team is working 24*7*365 to ensure that every citizen of India gets the fastest and most reliable health services, as keeping a check on health is our aim. Consumer demands are driving the transition to patient-centric care delivery across geographies and socio-economic groups, with this though this partnership has taken place. We are expanding pan India and Our Team is working towards the same.


Diabetes is a Lifestyle Disease and the more we dont take it seriously, it continues to create havoc in our Body impacting our internal organs in the long term. Lifestyle changes and a proper diet can help get over it. If one is not sure how to manage it, they can contact the MetroMedi team.


Consultations are virtual & easy and just take 45 minutes to understand and find solutions from our BMS Fit Club. At we can help you manage your diabetes better with the appropriate advice.


About MetroMedi

MetroMedi is gearing up to achieve the same top lines as our competitors who have 3000 stores with just 100 stores by Bundling online and offline more efficiently by utilizing Technology with Human connect. In MetroMedis Unicorn journey. The 100 Brick & Mortar Stores Concept as Fulfilment centers play a major role as the Hybrid Model will add strength to online is proven.


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For orders or any queries please call/WhatsApp at+91 9347422222


About BMS

BMS started with a vision of making people with lifestyle disorders get back on track with an easy–to–follow the program. It started mainly as a program to treat obesity. Due to the intricate detailing of the program, we approached a few doctors to tell them how we could assist their patients with metabolic disorders get healthier holistically. Some doctors started giving us medical cases with metabolic complications if they felt that their patients would get better with our help. 


Eventually, we started dealing with very complicated cases with multiple medical problems. We noticed a majority of patients started pouring in who were predominantly Type-II Diabetic. We slowly forayed into treating Diabetics whose blood glucose levels were uncontrolled with severe fluctuations. Nowadays, we deal with extreme cases of Diabetes and Obesity and get our clients to take control of their blood glucose and or weight in the quickest manner possible & holistically.



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