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Merrick Garland , DOJ for Biden continues ' Secret ' Trial to Internet Inventor

Government’s Internet had a different Login and Log Off

Court for Federal Claims , Case No. 21-2214 , Hartman vs. United States . Inventor being denied public trial . Access at

Biggest secret on the Internet . See this trial in . Modern Day Internet Debuts circa 1994 , alleges Inventor “built on my ideas.””

— Dorothy M. Hartman

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2022 / — Hartman , plaintiff in the case still complains that government is winning by deceit by sweeping case under the rug and not letting the public know the true circumstances .Before Hartman could release her press release entitled Defense to Answer in Hartman vs. United States case , she alleges that Google had placed thousands of other results with Hartman in the case as shown in pages of thousands of results . That is a lot of cases with Hartman in the title and supposedly suing the United States. Google is supposed to be under a lawsuit for gerrymandering search results and using location as a way to breach or change results . Hartman alleges that this kind of misinformation is on the Internet all of the time . Truth or camouflage ? Especially in reference to this case which tells true Internet History and the effect that it has on what has happened with the economy . Learn about how this inventor contributed to the building of the modern day internet that did not begin until around 1994 and not 1969 as the government wants you to believe . Today’s Internet is not the same as that started by the Defense Department ( Darpa ) in 1969 . This while her version that is the successful version was illegally stolen by the government and she alleges that government employees using insider trading which is illegal got wealthy along with many of the tech , ecommerce , and internet companies because they were aware of the consequences because of her writing(s).

The Inventor alleges that there was and continues to be violations of her constitutional and civil rights by the Biden Administration and that the government is in violation of its own conflict of interest laws . More wealth has been amassed over the past 30 years by the telecommunications companies , ecommerce , and by government employees including some members of congress than ever before . No matter what excuses are given and whatever topics or smokescreens may be hiding the truth about the economy – it is the unbalance of wealth that is creating the disassembling of the American Economy . What happens with this case would either enlighten the public or continue to hide the real reasons for the breakdown in the economy.


During the 30 year run up of the telecommunications boom – there was a huge growth in telecommunications and ecommerce that has produced millionaires , billionaires , and trillionaires all produced literally on the back of the African-American inventor who alleges that not a dime of payment went to her because of intentional discrimination . Most of this was accomplished in Washington , D.C. and Alexandria , Virginia home of the United States Patent and Trademark Office . A lot of congress people including lawmakers have become rich because of the government’s involvement in possible corruption . The Inventor says that the Court(s) are hiding the facts and evidence in plain sight lying to the public through its internet censure . Now in the dark are continuing to hide the truth and try to dismiss the case without the public seeing the evidence in the case .

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Modern Day Internet Debuts circa 1994 , alleges Inventor “built on my ideas.”

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