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Meet Motivational Speaker & Youtuber – Praveen Dilliwala

From an Indian Entrepreneur to a Motivational speaker the journey of Praveen dilliwala is quite exceptional and being the wonderful guide in helping zillions achieve their dreams and picking up pace in the present time is none other than the exceptionalist himself Praveen Dilliwala.

Praveen Dilliwala is an Indian Entrepreneur, belongs to the place of food, lights and culture, Delhi.

Praveen Dilliwala is a youth-oriented review channel where you would come across content like education, Motivational video, Job counselling & his personal experience and some facts. He is also a social media expert.

In a world full of scams and threats Praveen’s idea behind his youtube channel is to provide the right information to the right audience.

Earlier he has worked in a big IT company after his college through the placement where he had to wait for a few months for this job. He was not satisfied with the work he was into and as he could not cope up. He shifted to a different office where the timings were a huge problem for him. Also, the transfer from one place to another was a trouble for him as he never wanted to move out far from his family.

Praveen left that job as well and took a dig into digital marketing when his interest got a notch higher.

Praveen youtube content is all about the things we need to hear in our daily life. It is about career guidance after 12th to apply for international jobs and some health and physical podcasts in Hindi.

He has about 3.17million subscribers on youtube and 22.8k followers on Instagram. He is quite active on social media posting and delivering updates on new-age business, digital marketing and personal finance.

Today, as we see most of the students are quite in the confusion about what shall be the next move after college and Praveen’s youtube channel, is worth watching to overcome all the doubts and confusion.


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