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Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) for Mental Illness could result in many Canadians dying unnecessarily.

Bill C-7 could result in many Canadians dying unnecessarily.

Including pharmacogenetic testing in the safeguards of Bill C-7 may prevent the loss of many Canadians considered irremediable.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 29, 2022 / — The Bill allows patients that are deemed to have irremediable mental illness conditions to choose to end their lives, providing that two medical professionals deem these patients to have irremediable conditions.

After long discussions and many expert opinions, assisted death was approved to be used for mental illnesses, effective March 17, 2023.

It is a fact that about 30% of mental illness patients experience challenges with treatment; they often try multiple medications over months or years without success. That leads to increased severity of the illness and eventually leads some to irremediability.

However, there are novel options that are fast proving very effective for treatment-resistant patients that are not yet the standard of care. These options are helping many patients that were thought of as irremediable. The Act fails to mention them.

One of the novel options is pharmacogenomic testing. It can identify the most suitable medication for patients that were thought of as treatment-resistant or irremediable. The other option is ketamine treatment, which has proven to help patients deemed to be treatment-resistant and irremediable.

A pharmacogenomic test can easily identify what is the most suitable medication and the expected response for a person based on their genetic profile and even discard or confirm if they fall into the category of treatment-resistant accurately. It can also determine if the person could respond or be eligible to receive a Ketamine treatment, which has been proven to help patients deemed to be treatment resistant.

Unfortunately, most physicians have not kept up to date with these novel resources. Specifically, we are concerned that most doctors might not consider the above new strategies when informing their patients of options that may help with the remendability of their condition.

Pharmacogenomic testing and ketamine treatment must be included in the safeguards before determining whether a person has an incurable illness. It will be a tragedy if some Canadians choose MAID while pharmacogenomics testing or Ketamine treatment might have remediated their condition.

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