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Martı Makes Cruising Turkey’s Busy Streets ‘Greener and Enjoyable’

Marti Makes Cruising Turkey’s Busy Streets ‘Greener and Enjoyable’

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, February 18, 2022 / — When they founded the electric scooter company Martı in 2018, the young Turkish entrepreneur Oğuz Alper Öktem and his sister Sena Öktem wanted to provide a practical solution to the chaotic city traffic in Istanbul while simultaneously the environment with its low carbon emissions.

As a field that is slowly taking over the transportation markets throughout the EU and the world in general, micro-mobility has been a key motivation for the Öktem siblings offer what Tukey needed: an alternative transportation system.

Now, almost four years later, their tech-startup Martı has become one of Turkey’s most successful technology initiatives since its introduction and continues to increase its popularity every day.

The small tech-startup initiative that started with 20 people now has more than a thousand employees, and the number of users of Martı’s services has exceeded 5 million.

Alper Öktem, who started his career at the Deutsche Bank London office, created a company that brought a brand-new perspective to Istanbul’s transportation sector. The company has spread to 23 provinces in less than three years.

He now has plans to establish Martı’s presence in 81 provinces in the next 2 years.

Öktem has also announced plans to provide relief from traffic stress by expanding Martı’s product range with different vehicles besides scooters and mopeds. EVs are the first goal in 2022.

After several initiatives in the field of shared EVs service the news of Martı’s new EV fleet when Citroen Turkey ordered a significant number of Ami EVs for this project late last year.

When talking about Martı, Öktem always explains that the goal behind his project was to find an alternative transport solution that will make city transportation enjoyable and, at the same time, benefit the environment.


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