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Magicycle Prepares to Ship the Exciting New Ebike SUV

Magicycle Deer Ebike SUV

Magicycle Deer Ebike SUV

You may have seen the term “ESUV” before and wondered what it meant. Don’t worry, it is new to many bikers, but it is nothing mysterious!

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Magicycle Deer, the latest addition to the Magicycle line of exceptional e-bikes is part EMTB and part commuter bike. It is truly the SUV of e-bikes, shining on the trail, beach, and street…wherever riders like to ride. The Deer is an ESUV that provides the best overall package for uphill climbs, downhill runs, trails, and city streets, plus great design, power, battery, and overall specs.

Many people may have seen the term “ESUV” before and wondered what it meant. Don’t worry, it is new to many bikers, but it is nothing mysterious! ESUV, or Electric Sport Utility Vehicle, refers to an e-bike that has the power and stability of an EMTB (electric mountain bike), but with additional comfort and convenience.

Best Choice for New E-bike Riders

For people who have not been on a bike since they were a kid, or are simply new to e-biking, the Magicycle Deer ESUV is a great place to get back into an activity they love. A full-suspension ESUV will “take care of riders” while they are refreshing their riding skills. That Softail will provide far less jarring on the bumps, better traction, and more stability on the turns. If riders find themselves in a less-than-ideal position on the trail, that might lead to trouble for a hardtail rider, but on a Softail they may well get away with it.

A full suspension (or Softail) means that the ESUV has an extra comfortable suspension. In addition to the front fork suspension that most e-bikes have, full suspension bikes also have suspension for the rear wheel. When both wheels are equipped with suspension, which is a great improvement for absorbing the bumps. Riders will be more comfortable, safer, and far less likely to have their feet bounced off the pedals.

Even if some riders never plan to take their e-bikes in off-road terrain, they will still prefer having a full-suspension ESUV and definitely appreciate the comfort of a Softail electric SUV. It’s great for a quick trip to the grocery store, a long scenic ride along country roads, or more adventurous off-road travels. Wherever riders want to go, the Magicycle Full Suspension ESUV is a fun, comfortable, and economical way to get there.

The Magicycle Deer Full Suspension ESUV

Of course, every e-biker knows that comfort alone is not enough. It’s great to own a Softail ESUV, but only if its motor has the power and torque needed to handle the steep hills or fast starts in heavy traffic. When riders think about quick starts, cruising speed, and hill-climbing ability — all these are related to power and torque. They want an electric SUV equipped with a strong motor, providing plenty of power. Those steep climbs where riders catch the best views are no fun at all without a powerful high-torque motor. The Magicycle Deer comes equipped with an 1100-watt (peak) motor that will satisfy the demands of hill climbing.

For easy, comfortable, relaxed riding, this mighty hub motor is an obvious choice. That choice is confirmed when riders realize that hub motors are far more economical than mid-drive motors. The design of mid-drive motors requires a much larger number of moving parts. This naturally means more wear and tear, along with a greater possibility of motor failure. Mid-drive motors are also more complex to install or replace, which adds to the expense. 

With 1100 watts of peak power, the Magicycle Deer’s hub motor is a perfect size. If riders settle for a 500-watt motor, their EMTB will feel underpowered on the steep hills. The Magicycle Deer is a full-suspension ESUV bike intended for riding on any terrain, including tough and steep mountain trails. To accomplish this, it must have a motor that delivers excellent torque. The Magicycle Deer’s motor is meticulously engineered to produce industry-leading torque — 96.8 Neuton meters! Riders won’t find any electric bike that can give them that kind of torque. In fact, the Magicycle Deer has about the same torque as an 800cc motorcycle!

Energize All 1100 Watts with a Superior Battery

Magicycle Inc. burst onto the US e-bike scene with a gorgeous high-powered all-terrain cruiser. One of the amazing features of that first bike is the industry-leading battery, with a full 52 volts of power. People might think the Magicycle Design Team would be satisfied with that excellent battery for the Deer ESUV. No, instead of taking the easy route, Magicycle has decided to give the Softail Magicycle Deer a freshly designed battery, which gives riders even more range. The amp hours have been increased from 15 to 20, and the new battery is beautifully integrated into the frame. 

This provides Magicycle Deer owners with a very strong battery. It features a 25% boost in amps, meaning riders can look forward to long rides of as much as 80 miles without worrying about battery life. There are many factors that affect range, so if the tip the scales at 290 pounds or ride mostly in hilly terrain, that will reduce their range. The range will also vary according to wind speed, tire pressure, and pedaling habits.

When Can I Get One?

Magicycle Inc. is expecting to begin shipping the Deer ESUV in early February. This is the best opportunity to be among the first to ride a Softail step-thru ESUV with full power and comfort.

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