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Machine Gun Kelly OPENS UP on his mental health, says I’m ‘sick of smiling on days when I don’t feel like’


Machine Gun Kelly is getting candid about his mental health. Speaking to Drew Barrymore on her talk show while painting her nails, the 31-year-old artist revealed how he’s grown more emotionally honest and vulnerable outside of music.

Kelly said as per PEOPLE, “I think I’m new to being vulnerable outside of songs. I see a lot of pictures of me and there’s like, smiles on them,” he said. “It’s just weird though because I didn’t feel good at all that day and I kind of am sick of smiling on days when I don’t feel like smiling.” He further added, “And I feel like this odd pressure because I don’t want my fans to think that I’m taking something for granted so if I accept an award and I’m super smiley but behind the scenes, there was stuff going on.”

The singer stated that “a lot of what I do is for other people and I haven’t given myself the time to just accept that it’s OK to not be OK,” adding that he’d rather talk about “happy things” with Barrymore. Barrymore, 46, replied by stating she “likes him so much more” after hearing him open up, even disclosing that she required mental health care after her divorce from Will Kopelman in 2016 after almost four years of marriage.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that Kelly has discussed about his mental health. He informed his followers on Instagram back in January that “I’ve been in, kind of like, a f—ed up place personally for a couple of months in my head.” And last January, he tweeted, “anxiety’s eating me alive.”

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