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Luxury Clothing Brand Poppabum brings Pop Art to Kids Wear in India

Poppabum, a sustainable premium clothing brand for children aged 0-4 years, has introduced in the Indian market a uniquely designed and vibrant range of jumpsuits and pinafores. The attractive collection with its bright neons is brought to life with pop-art illustrations created exclusively by global designers from Kiev to Quebec, a new concept brought to India for the first time by Poppabum Founder Ananya Sharma.




Poppabum was conceptualized for little bums in pop clothes and aims to disrupt the monotonous kids wear category in India by offering a refreshing change from the standard ‘kiddie’ clothes available in the market with repeat patterns of animals, cartoon characters, rainbows and unicorns. The organic range, that revives the 60’s pop-culture vibe with its unique illustrations, is intelligently designed to make changing-on-the-go easy, quick and hassle-free for fashion-conscious, active, professional parents of millennial tots.




“As a busy and well-travelled first-time parent of a toddler, I often found myself struggling to change my son while on the go because of inconveniently-located zippers and multiple buttons. Being a creative professional, I was also bored seeing the same old patterns and uninspiring pastels in kids’ clothes. Poppabum came into being because of my desire to see kids in fashionably & consciously designed bright colourful clothes. All our jumpsuits and pinafores not only have the spunk and style reflected through the neons and jazzy illustrations but are also really convenient to change with uniquely designed zippers never attempted on jumpsuits before. We take our motto – ‘Kids Be Poppin’ – very seriously. I’m looking forward to revolutionising the kids fashion industry in India and setting new trends in the children’s clothing space with the launch of Poppabum, because kids deserve fashion too!” said Ananya Sharma, Founder & CEO, Poppabum.


Poppabum offers unisex jumpsuits and pinafores in neon shades and in the classic black and white combination. Their clothes called ‘Pops’ come in two styles – ‘Pops Originals’ which are solid neons with stripes and ‘Party Pops’, with special art and comic illustrations. The high-quality fabric of Pops makes them durable and is designed to last and allow children to grow and move comfortably all day.


 Link: Poppabum launch film.


Poppabum’s ‘Pops’ are crafted in 100% luxurious organic cotton and manufactured by GOTS 6.0 certified sustainable fashion manufacturers and factories. The brand’s entire end-to-end manufacturing process is compliant with and certified by the latest version of the Global Organic Textiles Standard and ensures payment of fair wages to its workers. The brand ensures minimum wastage of fabric during the manufacturing process and uses only organic dyes in all its prints. All Poppabum clothes are packed in reusable and biodegradable never-before-seen metallic pouches. The brand retails at


About Poppabum

Let those cute little bums ‘pop’ in brilliant bursts of neon hues. 


Why should adults have all the fun? Why should kids be dressed in the same old stereotype pastels – blue for boys, pink for girls? Why should small people sport boring motifs of plants, animals and trains (and the so-done unicorn!)? Why should we not take baby steps to awaken little minds to organic living? Why not ignite imaginations with the joyous irreverence of Pop Art?


Why not let ‘Kids Be Poppin’?

Poppabum, a never before brand, is set to revolutionize kids wear for all times to come. Says Founder Ananya Sharma, a corporate lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, and a hands-on mom: “Poppabum will be India’s answer to the Pradas and Chanels of the world, in the kidswear segment. Our mission is to create a distinctive global brand for children because kids deserve fashion too!”


An unabashed celebration of the best and brightest, Poppabum brings you a range of clothes for the 0 to 4-year-old made from 100% luxurious organic cotton. The clothes are candy floss-soft and designed by outstanding creative minds – pop artists from across the world. And best of all, the garments are durable, fuss-free, and of course, popping with colour, much like the hues on the beak of the wondrous toucan, the brand logo. 


Detailing is truly God at Poppabum. The uniquely located zipper function on all their jumpsuits makes it super easy to change diapers – no need to remove the entire jumpsuit. This is a first-ever, globally. No buttons, snaps or strings attached – literally. Painstakingly finished prints with advanced German technology, and crafted with love and care, the clothes are safe and gentle on sensitive young skin. 


The brand launched through its e-commerce store in November 2021. A collaboration of Indian and global artists, Poppabum is proud to be ‘Made in India’. The brand believes in sustainability in all aspects of fashion manufacturing. All brand fabric is GOTS certified with each piece consciously produced in limited collections to preserve the quality of the exclusive designs. The ‘Pops‘ – a term coined by the Founder – are then packaged in attractive metallic pouches that are re-usable and are sustainable. Poppabum only works with factories following fair trade principles and certified by WFTO, to pay equal and fair wages to its workers.


Says Ananya, “I would like to provide parents with a bang for their buck by ensuring that the clothes worn by their children are super fashionable, glamourous, exclusive, ultra-comfortable, convenient, and made from premium fabrics. They should feel happy to spend their money while buying ‘pops’ and get full value for it.”


Come, celebrate your children, fill their lives with colour! Go pick your Pops at


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