Friday, December 2, 2022
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Leading Edtech Company GuruQ is Coming Back in Action with Offline Classes after the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the education industry in India. In the book ‘The Last Lifeboat’, Alvin Toffler asked rhetoric questions on our current education system and offered hope for the future, teaching people to learn, unlearn, and relearn. This theory was put to test for real with the onset of the pandemic. The students and educators had to unlearn the traditional method and relearn virtual interaction and engagement styles.


Ms. Minal Anand, Founder and CEO GuruQ


Edtech platforms during this time played an imperative role in allowing students to progress with their learning journeys without any hinderance. GuruQ, in no time adapted to this unforeseen situation and reached out to students in India.


GuruQ is India’s best tutoring platform that helps students connect with the right tutors and now GuruQ is all set to get back into offline mode of teaching where tutors can give individual personalized to students with offline teaching in order to advance their learning. GuruQ allows you to schedule class as per your flexibility in affordable budgets. A student can pick from an array of tutors for customized learning. While most platforms are struggling to get back to offline classes with the receding pandemic, GuruQ is ready to serve the students with their mentorship. Tutors are available for school education, competitive exam, language learning and for the purpose of studying abroad.


GuruQ’ allows customization and personalization to its learners unlike any other learning platform in the Edtech space. Students can personalize their tuitions classes with respect to the mode of class (offline or online), type of class (individual or group) and budget. Students can customize each class with their tutor and study the topic they exactly want to learn. They can select a tutor and book classes at short notice and/or even booking them with selected tutors by the hour for special needs such as revision and exam preparation. Even parents can keep track of their child’s progress online and seek feedback when they want to.


GuruQ’s can boast of its presence across various cities in India. It is catering to over 30,000 students in Delhi, 10,000 students in Patna and over 8,000 in Bengaluru. GuruQ’s tutors are also available in towns and cities like Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Indore and many more. GuruQ has thousands of teachers available PAN India and now with the effects of the pandemic being reduced to minimum, GuruQ is ready to facilitate the learning efforts in the offline mode as well. With its tutors being readily available, students will find no challenge in learning a topic or clearing a doubt from the comfort of their homes.


GuruQ intends to provide a plethora of avenues for the holistic learning and development of students. For an EdTech platform to be truly effective, the benefits should reach its main end-user; the learners. With GuruQ, students have the freedom to compare and choose tutors as per their requirements, be it in budget, the mode of learning. Since GuruQ tutors are available in various cities and locations, students can now learn at their own pace by making a simple booking through the GuruQ website or application.


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