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Launching Ompanzo, India’s Answer to the Digital Divide between Vendors and Consumers

  • Aims to take unorganized retail businesses online to a larger consumer base

  • Pilot project launches in Delhi-NCR with local fruits and vegetable vendors and will scale up to pan-India presence in the next 18-24 Months

  • Brings together ages old trust and credibility of local vendors with the ease and convenience of technology.


India’s aim to be a $5 trillion economy hinges largely on its unorganized retail sector that is still to come up to speed with the booming e-commerce and modern retail in the country. Enter, Ompanzo, India’s newest online business centre dedicated to retail businesses in the unorganized sectors helping them bridge the digital divide and expand their businesses. The platform would be available across user-friendly Android and iOS mobile applications and would allow retailers to associate with the Ompanzo app and go online immediately. The pilot project would be targeting fresh fruits and vegetable vendors in Delhi-NCR, with a distinct and well-tailored hyperlocal marketing strategy and act as an aggregator to help retailers connect with their customers and get serviced by Ompanzo team and riders that facilitate the deliveries.


Mr. Gagan Agrawal, Founder & MD, Ompanzo


Targeted towards India’s online grocery market which is projected to grow from around $569 million in 2018 to $3.6 billion by 2024, Ompanzo aims to digitise the unorganised fruits and vegetable vendors, who have suffered exponentially during the COVID-19 crisis. As more and more Indians move to the ease and convenience of online shopping, Ompanzo will give them the convenience of making purchases from the comfort of their homes from their known & trusted vendors. It also will be an opportunity for retailers to expand their consumer base from existing customers to new ones who would find them online.  The platform is designed to influence the comfort of online payments while ensuring doorstep deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables within 40 mins of placing the order.


Commenting on the thought behind launching Ompanzo, Mr. Gagan Agrawal, Founder & MD, Ompanzo, said, “India ranks second in fruits and vegetables production in the world, after China. With the rising demand of consumers and growing middle class, such a growth seems inevitable, however, the unorganised sector dominates this market with more than 50% share in the processing and retail of such as edibles. And this unorganised sector employs more than 50 lakh people constituting a large part of the unregistered employment data of the country. Ompanzo is an initiative to boost organisation in the sector while incorporating efficiency into the movement across the sector.”


Ompanzo was intellectualized to bring together the hitherto large unorganized sector of retailers, who have been left behind in India’s digital race. Ompanzo recognises the immense potential of India’s long standing local community unorganized retail, which had previously banked on mutual trust and long-standing relationships. As these are impacted by the growing e-commerce sector, Ompanzo brings the right technology and logistics to help these local vendors scale up operations.


Ompanzo’s platform will list vendors individually showcasing daily rates and product availability. Buyers can choose from local vendors or any vendor within a 25 km radius. Deliveries are aimed to be kept under 40 minutes of order placement until the distance exceeds 3-5 kilometres. The brand also has a vision to assist the underprivileged community ensuring their continued livelihoods in an increasingly digitized world.


Mr. Saurabh Sengupta, Director – Marketing & Operations, Ompanzo, added, “Our country majorly suffers from poor supply chain management which in turn leads to pricey and delayed work. We will not be maintaining any inventory and thereby cutting major overhead costs for the consumers. An efficient and organized supply chain would also ensure an advancement in professional opportunities for many. Ompanzo will truly be the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The mobile application will be available in both Android and iOS platforms, and would have three versions, for Vendor/s, Buyer/s and Rider/s. The target is to leverage the mutual trust & understanding between local businesses & their customers by bringing them both into a single platform where both find equal benefits, alongside generating active and passive employment opportunities within the country.


Advantages of Using Ompanzo

  • A holistic solution for the buyer and vendor

  • Focus on WOM marketing

  • Creativity and technicality in a single platform to ensure that everyone gets precisely the service that they are looking for.

  • Going the extra mile to ensure delivery within 40 minutes

  • Reliability and trustworthiness through the network of vendors

  • Aligned with with the Govt. of India’s Skill India Initiative that promotes nurturing of skilled/unskilled & employable human resources.


About Ompanzo

Ompanzo is India’s newest online business center dedicated to retail businesses in the unorganized sectors. The platform allows retailers to associate with us and go online immediately. Our user-friendly mobile application helps retailers connect with their customers and get serviced by our team of riders that facilitate our deliveries.


The customer gets the convenience of making purchases from the comfort of their homes while for the retailer it opens up a wide new horizon of opportunities that includes wider outreach to customers i.e., access to a larger target audience than ever before, comfort of receiving payments online while ensuring doorstep delivery of their products to their customers.


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