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Launch of Sleepwell’s New Website for the Digital Age

  • Sleepwell unveils its new website, with the goal to redefine the brand experience and online retail journey for the new age consumer. A first of its kind in its category, the website is a testament of Sleepwell’s commitment to evolve with its consumer’s changing needs.

  • Firmly reinforces the brand’s focus on its “personalized comfort” offering


Sleepwell, the leading comfort solutions brand from Sheela Foam Ltd., in keeping with its future forward approach, has rolled-out an all-new website targeting the new age consumer. The website aims to strengthen Sleepwell’s online brand presence and revolutionise the way people shop for mattresses. The new platform offers a seamless experience by taking ‘personalised comfort’ to an all-new level ensuring that each customer’s journey to discover their ‘own’ mattress is unique and personal.


Experience comfort in your sleep with Sleepwell


Sleepwell’s new website has been made to cater to every individual’s requirement and to make online mattress buying more experiential.


The all-new Website comes with unique Industry first features such as:

  • Mattress Selector – empowers a consumer to choose the right mattress based on their own personal preferences.

  • Novel categorisations – gives greater depth to the brand, where the focus is not just on the product but on the role of a mattress in a consumer’s lives.

  • Comparator – for comparing between different mattresses and help with decision-making.

  • Visual appeal – soothing and refreshing, slice of life mood shots and richly illustrated product communication.


The customers get to experience various features including receiving filtered and relevant information based on their location and being directed towards discovering and choosing the right mattress, pillows and bed sets to make their experience enriching, smooth and hassle free. It’s the first website in the category that establishes thought leadership through superior user experience, revolutionising the way an Indian shops for comfort solutions.


Rakesh Chahar, Director, Sheela Foam Ltd. said, “Consumer lifestyle and trends have evolved over the years. In keeping with the new consumer behaviour post-pandemic, the brand has kept up with changing consumer needs and embarked on a digital first journey to cater to their evolving demands. As a part of our expansion strategy, we have launched the new SW website to provide a best in class brand discovery & purchase experience that also serves as a beacon to bring all our consumer touchpoints i.e. retail stores, consumer communication, customer care, product introduction, launches, etc in line with our vision, for the way we want to showcase our brand, products, and provide a differentiated consumer experience and journey in the industry.


Vishal Sharma, Head Marketing, Sheela Foam Ltd. said, “The new Sleepwell website elevates and reflects the brand position of ‘Personalised Comfort‘ and ensures each customer’s journey in search of their unique and personal needs of comfortable sleep are fulfilled by the brand. The website carries many category firsts like the ‘mattress selector’, ‘comparator’ and a new way of categorising mattresses and bed sets. A thoughtfully made website from an industry leader is a step in the right direction to satisfy an inquisitive & informed user as well as position the brand in the right manner.”


The new website has been made by Sleepwell’s New Brand Strategy Partner, ICD (Itu Chaudhuri Design), who have facilitated the defining of the Brand & Consumer Journey along with the complete design, execution and launch of the new website. (


Website Link:


About Sheela Foam

Over the last fifty years, Sheela Foam Limited. India, along with its subsidiaries, Joyce Foam, Australia and Interplasp, Spain continues to be the market leader in P.U. Foam industry. It has a dominant market share with 10 state-of-art manufacturing unit, 150 Distributors, 4500 Exclusive Showrooms and over 6000 Dealers across India, along with 7 plants & 500+ customers across Australia, New Zealand, and Spain.


For the past fifty years, our flagship brands, ‘Sleepwell’, ‘Feather Foam’, and ‘Lamiflex’, have become market leaders, not just because of innovation, extensive research, and a dedicated team to produce superior quality, value-for-money, and a wide range of products, but because we understand the need for comfort of our customers.


In the last half century, while our business grew, we learnt to be socially responsible through Sleepwell Foundation, our CSR arm. Going beyond business, we self-regulate our work model to make us socially accountable to ourselves, to our stakeholders, and to the community at large.


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