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Launch of DoorstepWash in Raipur, Shadmaan Imam

New Delhi (India), January 09: After coming all the way from being a startup to making itself a household name, DoorstepWash has come a long way. DoorstepWash already owns over 100 successful franchises in the country and also has the plan to launch 30 more franchises. The company also has a customer base in Nepal and Turkey. Now the company has plans to launch its franchise in Chhattisgarh, and as a part of the same, the franchise is being launched in Raipur on 19th December in partnership with Mr. Vivansh Jha.

The ultimate goal of the company is to make the challenging task of getting cars cleaned or detailed easier for the customers. DoorstepWash developed its structure in a way that ensures the maximum reach of the company to its customers. The company has developed an online portal that makes the booking of its services convenient for consumers. Our brand gained popularity in a very short time period since the concept of minimizing the challenges for the customers and getting the automobile cleaned at the same time is completely new. The customers have shown immense support in making us a brand.

The backbone companies of DoorstepWash are its parent companies, Phixman and Zixdo, which have their base in Asia. The expertise of the professionals of these companies has helped evolve a well-defined and systematic structure for DSW. Highly skilled technicians and high-end portable machines also make up the pillars of our company; they are the ones that act on the grassroots levels and let our concept come to life.

DoorstepWash has put in all its efforts to serve its customers across India, and in another effort to serve the people of Raipur, the company has opened up its store in the city. DSW is not just about cleaning cars, but it also provides lite detailing of the cars at the customer’s doorsteps. During the service, we keep a check on the cleanliness of the surroundings and the quality of the products used and the parts replaced.

We would also like to announce that we welcome interested entrepreneurs with open hearts to become our franchise partners. All we can say is that this business requires a one-time investment but gives you a return for a lifetime. The aid required in the initial phase will be provided by the company.



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