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Launch Alert: Nada Finance App

DALLAS, TX, USA, October 26, 2022 / — Nada, a real estate investing platform, announced the launch of Nada Finance App on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. The app, which allows users to invest in Cityfunds, is free to download. Cityfunds are the first ever index-like funds for a city’s real estate market, built for the next generation of investors. Open to all investors, accredited or not, Nada allows users to invest in cities such as Austin, Dallas, Tampa, and Miami, with as little as $250.

The new app was built entirely from scratch while keeping the user experience top of mind. The Nada team set out to create an app that would make investing more accessible for anyone, whether that be a beginner or a seasoned real estate investor. Users can choose to invest in a single Cityfund or multiple Cityfunds without any fees or commissions.

Key features at launch include:

– Quick & easy onboarding and account set up

– Knowledge base on Cityfunds

– Individual Cityfund performance

– Open investing in the Cityfund of your choice

– Live chat feature

Upcoming features:

– Portfolio view

– Push notifications to stay informed

– Real estate investing content

Following the exciting launch, CEO John Green said “It’s been a rewarding and beautiful experience helping to build Nada to where it is now. With the launch of the new app and redesigned website, our goal is to make it easier for investors to familiarize themselves with the Nada products and make Cityfunds more accessible for all”. The redesigned website provides a more user friendly experience and shows a personable side to Nada and highlights its employees on its new ‘About’ page while also driving users to the new mobile app. The new website can be accessed at and the app can be found as ‘Nada Finance’ on both App Store and Google Play.

About Nada: Nada is an investment, finance, and banking platform that has redefined how everyone accesses real estate assets. Nada was founded on the belief that the financial system built around real estate assets was far too restrictive and unnecessarily complicated. We realized that the industry insiders and the wealthy had an unfair advantage. So, we set out to level the playing field by creating new financial products with transparency and simplicity built into every step.

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