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LATFOB 2022 Presents: 'Debi Toporoff’s Oops! Wrong Family'

I Am Home But I Keep Wanting to Go Home: Debi Toporoff’s Most Intimate

and Personal Story Told in the Eyes of a Child

If it was possible to inspect your new family before birth, some of us might choose a different family”

— Introduction of the book Oops! Wrong Family.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2022 / — Debi Toporoff’s Oops! Wrong Family, is a heartbreaking memoir of mental and physical abuse that also partakes to readers overcoming mistreatment and the healing power of forgiveness and acceptance. The author shares the bone-chilling horror of growing up with a mother who seemingly got joy out of mistreating her daughter, and a father who spent almost all his time away working.


This haunting book is a testimony of survival and of emotional pain healed through God’s redemptive love and salvation. It communicates an important message and a rewarding read. Debi’s early life and personal dysfunction was the result of the effects of abuse, personal rejection, the damage of being berated, the emotional scars of continuous isolation, and of the failure of her parents as caregivers to provide needed food and clothing. Along the way, several foster families, caring teachers, and co-workers helped Debi learn to trust, to reach out in love, and to understand the message of Jesus, His forgiveness, unconditional love, and hope. This is a story of rejection, redemption, and renewal.

It takes a brave and special kind of person, who has been through hell and back, emotionally and physically, to share this kind of story with the world, bearing all her insecurities and dark past for the world to see. No doubt, Debi is someone to be commended and admired for having done such a brave act. In the midst of all this, Debi was able to discover that through Jesus’ death on the cross, she was cleansed and bound for heaven. Afterward, she says she was able to forgive the many ways her mother mistreated and neglected her in childhood, a fact that is inspiring.

The author touches on the unfortunate fact that abuse — of differing kinds and degrees occurs in many families. The key, she argues, is in “learning how to begin to change when abuse and fear have been a way of life.”

Dr. Debi Toporoff was born in Stuart Florida, and was in the mental health field for over thirty years. She received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of South Carolina, a master’s degree in Health Services Administration from Central Michigan University, a master’s degree in Theology, and a doctorate from the Life School of Theology. She has one daughter and currently resides in Beech Island, South Carolina.

Oops! Wrong Family
Written by: Debi Toporoff
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