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KSM Research And Innovation And Genetika+ Partner To Seek AI Solutions For Personalization Of Depression Treatment

Dr. Tal Patalon, head of KSM Research and Innovation Center. Photo by Asaf Brenner.

Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM) and Genetika+ form a research partnership to develop and validate AI that personalizes and speeds up an optimal depression treatment

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, August 15, 2022 / — Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM), the research and innovation center of Israel’s Maccabi Healthcare Services, and Genetika+, a pioneer in personalized medicine for the brain, are partnering to advance the development of tools to personalize depression treatment using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics.

The collaboration between Genetika+ and KSM is focused on conducting large-scale state-of-the-art analysis on extensive data from patients suffering from depression in order to further develop and validate Genetika+’s AI-based algorithms that help physicians treat patients with depression based on their individual characteristics.

Depression currently affects an estimated 300 million people worldwide. While many depression medications exist on the market, individual responses vary significantly, and many people do not respond to drugs even after trying multiple medications. Today physicians generally rely on a trial-and-error approach to treat patients, leading to continued suffering and extensive side effects from the various drugs.

Combining AI solutions with advanced analytics and rich data, such as patient medical history, co-morbidities, and polypharmacy, KSM and Genetika+ aim to optimize the treatment process so that physicians can treat patients more efficiently and effectively.

“We are facing a surging mental health crisis around the world, across all ages, from children to young adults and through the elderly, alongside the rise of our technological advances and dependence in COVID times,” said Dr. Tal Patalon, head of KSM. “We must improve our early detection abilities, as well as our personalized treatment for mental health challenges while providing better comprehensive biopsychosocial support and treatment.”

“We are particularly excited about this collaboration and the ability to use the Maccabi data to support the optimization of treatment in depression,” said Dr. Daphna Laifenfeld, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Genetika+. ”The depth and richness of the Maccabi database are unique assets that will help us bring robust and validated solutions to the clinic, to support physicians and bring relief and quality of life to patients.”

About Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM):
Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM) is the Research and Innovation Center of Maccabi Healthcare Services, Israel’s leading HMO. KSM has unique access to Maccabi’s professional abilities and medical knowledge, including a large database of 2.5 million members with 30 years of data collection. For more details, visit:

About Genetika+:
Genetika+, founded in 2018 by Talia Cohen-Solal, Ph.D., and Daphna Laifenfeld, Ph.D., is developing personalized medicine solutions to optimize treatment for psychiatric and neurological diseases. The company’s Brain-in-a-Dish technology helps physicians find the best treatment for their patients. For more details, visit:

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