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Keep Your Health with SafeGuard Family

SafeGuard Family, a new entrant in the ‘Preventive Healthcare‘ industry recently announced their launch in Tamil Nadu. The company specialises in providing comprehensive healthcare packages, customized to individual needs.


SafeGuard Family has a dedicated team of certified Health coaches. Similar to Physician Assistants in the USA, the Health coaches specialise in abnormality detection. They perform basic vital checks, understand health needs and then proceed for the required tests. Each Health Coach is also a qualified Nutritionist who is proficient in well-being counselling and connect emotionally with elderly persons. They are also adept at analyzing the ideal intake of medicines, ordering inventory, advising on the ideal diet and correcting faulty kitchen practices.


The Health Coach connects the client with a SafeGuard Family Doctor for an online consultation. After each visit, the family doctor will analyze the lab results, discuss it with relevant specialists, check various prescriptions of the client and present ‘One Consolidated Prescription’. Medicines are verified, packed and hand delivered to the client. All medical reports are digitized into a Health Vault and this info can be accessed at any time, by the client or their family members. The algorithm in the Health Vault keeps track of the health of each client.


SafeGuard Family facilitates a holistic approach. They address physical and emotional health, diabetes and hypertension management, post-operative or post-illness care, menstrual and fertility care, to name a few. The Nutrition Programs cover the nutritional requirements of the elderly, children, pregnancy, cancer-care, obesity and diet management is their forte. The online Psychology Team deals with ADHD, depression, loneliness, anxiety and covers the needs of paediatric, teenage, adolescent and senior citizens in a secure and confidential manner. All this, from the comfort of your home.


Speaking on the launch, eminent Cardio Diabetologist Dr. R.Jayaprakash and the Medical Director of Safeguard Family says, “The pandemic has highlighted the importance of managing health at home. People with non-communicable diseases want to avoid hospital visits. They now demand treatment at home and we are able to provide this because we have harnessed the best advanced medical technology into our customized preventive home health care program. Family members living abroad can sit-in on doctor tele-consultations or access health records of their loved ones at any time.”


SafeGuard Family strongly believes that bringing back the concept of immediate and personal care by a Family Physician will bring back security into the lives of their clients. This is the key to a healthier society. They take utmost care in building their team of well trained professionals, handpicking them from various branches of the health sector. SafeGuard Family goes way beyond basic lab services and specialises in testing, diagnosis, treatment, physiotherapy and consultation needs of a person, at his home.


The COO, Mr. Dhigvijay Srinivas says, “We are steering healthcare towards prevention, wellness and home care instead of the highly marketed trend of treating individuals in illness. When we say that we need to treat early Illness with Wellness, many professionals may not even understand it. But that is what society needs and that is what SafeGuard Family offers.”


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