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Karva Chauth 2021: How to break your fast in a healthy way | Health

Karva Chauth, the festival celebrated by married women to strengthen marital bliss and pray for the long lives of their husbands falls on October 24 this year. 

Celebrated in different parts of the country, the rituals of the festival differ slightly in different cultures, but usually women fast for an entire day without a drop of water and break their fast only after moonrise.

Over the years the festival’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds also because of the lavish and elaborate Karva Chauth sequences in Bollywood movies. 

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While the festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm, it is important to restore the nutritional balance the right way post the fast. Drinking large quantities of water suddenly can be troublesome or having high calorie food could affect your metabolism.

Kanika Malhotra, Celebrity Nutritionist and Weight Loss specialist, suggests five foods you can have to break your Karva Chauth fast:

1. Water: It is very important to hydrate yourself post fasting, but it need not be done at one go. Take small sips of water rather than gulping water down. It might lead to a bad acidic attack.

2. Coconut water: Rich in natural electrolytes like sodium and potassium, it’s perfect to boost your energy level after fasting. You can have 1/2 glass after breaking your fast to keep yourself well-hydrated and keep dizziness at bay.

Coconut water(Pixabay)

3. Dry fruits: A powerhouse of nutrients, dry fruits can also give your body much needed energy rush. You can consume 5-6 almonds or 1 date or 1 fig after your fast.

4. Green leafy vegetables: Consuming sautéed leafy vegetables after a day-long fast can be beneficial for you. Leafy greens are known for being rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fibres. Greens like spinach, broccoli, cabbage are high in water content and good to have in your post-fasting meal.

5. Digestive tea: Chamomile tea, green tea, jasmine tea should definitely be consumed post your dinner as they aid in digestion and prevent any bloating.

Foods you should avoid post Karva Chauth fasting

Tea or coffee: Avoid consuming tea or coffee after opening the fast. Considering you have not eaten the entire day, intake of caffeine might lead to acidity. To avoid such an acid reflux replace tea or coffee with fresh fruits juices, buttermilk, cool almond rose milk freshly prepared at home or saffron milk.

Processed sugar: While you may crave for something sweet post fasting, consuming high-calorie sweets could be unhealthy. Instead swap it with a piece of dark chocolate or 1/2 inch piece of Jaggery. You can also chew a gum if you continue to crave something sweet.

One should avoid gorging on sweets post Karva Chauth fast(Pixabay)
One should avoid gorging on sweets post Karva Chauth fast(Pixabay)

Fried food: One must completely avoid fried and calorie-laden food prepared in oil. It can lead to severe bloating issues and cause major headaches later since you have been fasting all day and a sudden heavy meal may take a longer time to get digested. This can lead to an upset stomach or loose motions, gastric irritability or bloating. Ingesting heavy foods after a period of fasting may also slow down your metabolism, affecting your digestive system.

Spicy food: Adding excessive spice in the food may not be a great idea as it may not be good for your digestion. Have a homemade light but sumptuous meal. Add light spices and use less masalas while preparing dinner.

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