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KaraStar: A Metaverse Game with Specific Benefits For New Users

KaraStar: A Metaverse Game with Specific Benefits For New Users

NY, NY, USA, June 14, 2022 / — As a newly emerging game on GameFi 2.0-based ecosystem, with all kinds of achievements it has made so far, including the first sale of NFT reaching $6million, receiving investment from Kucoin, Circle and IDG, ranking first in the Kucoin list, with the trading volume on the first day of the transaction exceeding 1000W USDT etc., KaraStar is currently providing great benefits to users, especially new ones.

Since users experience is an essential issue for a game to win the market and realize the win-win goal, KaraStar has always attached great importance to the value it brings to users, especially that of new ones, as it should never be underestimated, for fear that they might be suppressed by regular ones. Based on the existing resources it has currently, the benefits that the users-friendly game provides are mainly reflected in three perspectives, namely the events it holds, the core gameplay as well as the economic system of it.

The mystery boxes event must be mentioned first for it has greatly lowered the threshold for new users to enter, providing them with opportunities to buy 3 mystery boxes using only 15 Kara, with 100% rebate within 28 days after the purchase. The fantastic event would last until June 20th, so novice users should not hesitate to engage in it as soon as possible for sharing the benefits and profits. Another event should be the Land Carnival, during which there’s no need for lands to burn KARA NFT for the production of KARA boxes, meaning that it would be cost-saving for new users.

Apart from the fantastic events provided by the specific season, the core gameplay would be the highlight of the game for providing great benefit for novices, that is, the update of the Land Mode. In the past, after they’ve gotten their own land, users need to invest more on their land to create KARA token. However, they are now granted with the right to obtain the profits once they’ve had their own land.

Moreover, the “Play & Earn” economic system means that the game has gotten rid of the Ponzi death spiral, enabling users to form an interest group, where the main income of normal and small investors comes from the profits made by the giant whale, rather than simply the project side. By decentralizing their own revenue, giant whales allow other users to help them improve their strength or obtain higher revenue, so the token could stay in a deflationary state, avoiding selling pressure to the greatest extent.

With all kinds of benefits it provides and values it creates for users, especially new ones, there’s no denying that KaraStar is a user-friendly game, illuminating the GameFi 2.0 ecosystem.

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