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Jill Witte of True Fit Balance to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2022 / — In a world where our bodies can feel out of harmony, Jill Witte is here to bring her clients into balance.

Jill Witte is a personal trainer and the founder of True Fit Balance, where she specializes in providing personal training services for the body and the mind.

Through a combination of personal training, brain health training, nutrition and life coaching, Jill strives to help her clients become the best version of themselves by bringing body, mind and life into harmony.

Jill was inspired to create True Fit Balance because of her past experiences trying to find an exercise and nutrition program that worked for her.

“I wanted to lose weight. I tried diets and exercise programs and found nothing,” recalls Jill. “Sure, it would work initially, but then it would plateau, and I would get frustrated and stop doing what I was doing because it stopped working. It was a vicious cycle. It finally got to a point where I wanted to understand how my body works.”

According to Jill, we can achieve and maintain a healthy body simply by understanding a little bit more about exercise and a little bit more about nutrition.

“Everybody’s body is different. We exercise differently. We all process food differently,” says Jill. “So it’s about knowing your body and understanding what your body needs. I created True Fit Balance to help my clients find what works for them specifically.”

When it comes to getting healthy, most people lack patience. We want what we want right now. Who has time for trial and error to figure out what needs to be changed in our exercise routine and nutrition?

That’s why working with Jill is so powerful. Her favorite thing to do is start from scratch.

“Let’s start at the beginning,” says Jill. “I’m not a big fan of the word dieting. When I was growing up, dieting meant I’m going to lose weight for an event. it’s all about changing the mindset of food, not being on a diet. It’s a lifestyle change.”

Jill says she is most proud that she is able to help people get healthy and find their potential.

“Happy feelings nowadays can be hard to come by,” says Jill. “I was unhappy, and it became a comfort zone for me; being happy felt awkward. So this work helped me rewire my brain in a way. It taught me that the sensation of joy stays with you. That’s what I teach my clients.”

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