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Java vs Kotlin: Major Differences To Understand In 2022

Java vs Kotlin: which is the best in 2022? If you’re a mobile app developer, Java is almost certainly your preferred programming language. The Java programming language has been at the core of Android app development. The reason being Android apps first appeared in the Play Store.

Several alternative programming languages have challenged Java in the recent decade. And Kotlin being the most prominent. Google announced Kotlin as the second official language for Android app development. This gives it a much-needed boost.

Although still in it is new, Kotlin’s multitude of programming capabilities. And efficient coding has an interest in the mobile app development framework. And Kotlin now risks displacing Java entirely in the app development environment.

The shift to cross-platform Kotlin programming comes at a time when the number of apps available is increasing. Netflix, Trello, Uber, and Airbnb are among the companies that have already used Kotlin to develop their apps this year.

But why is Kotlin becoming more popular than Java? And which language is the best for app development? Let’s see the difference between Java vs Kotlin.

Java Programming Language

This language was created 23 years ago, and despite the addition of significant languages such as Scala and Groovy, it has remained one of the most popular languages for Android app development.

Java android app development has been widely used in the creation of server applications, web apps, embedded devices, Android apps, and websites since its introduction. The majority of Java parts are open-source, while the remainder is generally replacements. Java is most popular in the creation of financial applications.

Java Benefits:

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Java can run in a browser window or a virtual machine, which is useful when reusing code and updating software
  3. Google’s adoption of the Java Virtual Machine, or JVM, has resulted in a large open-source ecosystem.
  4. Java is an Ideal language for cross-platform applications;
  5. Many standard Java libraries are included in the Android SDK.

Kotlin Programming Language

Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that works with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Android, JavaScript, and React Native. JetBrains created it as an open-source platform that is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

If you’re curious why Kotlin was chosen as the programming language for Android Studio, it’s because it could use for both object-oriented and functional programming. To convert Kotlin code into binaries for CPU architectures and operating systems including iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac, Kotlin uses the LLVM compiler technology.

Advantages of Kotlin include:

  1. For creating clean APIs, Kotlin includes clever extension functions.
  2. Support for backend projects such as Spring 5 and a smooth transition from Java to Kotlin.
  3. Over 2000 Kotlin projects support by Developers on Github.
  4. Much shorter than Java;

Which Should You Use for Android: Java or Kotlin

  1. Market Presence of Java vs Kotlin

According to the TIOBE Programming Community Index, Java has a significant impact on app development. And rank first with a score of 15.058 percent, but Kotlin is nowhere that find among the top 20 programming languages. Kotlin was able to get into the top 50 of the rankings last year as well. And as of July 2019, it has advanced two ranks to 47.

  1. Coding

According to a test done after converting the “Program Lock” app from Java to Kotlin, the code lines were reduced by 30%. Real-world tests show that transforming the “App Lock” app from Java to Kotlin decreases the number of code lines by 30%. (from 12,371 lines of Java codes, to 8,564 lines of Kotlin codes). In Kotlin, the program lines were reduced from 12,371 to 8,564.

  1. Java vs Kotlin: Which is Faster?

Kotlin’s performance is equivalent to Java’s due to a similar bytecode structure. However, because Kotlin supports inline functions, Kotlin is quicker than Java for code that uses lambdas. Java compiles 10-15% quicker for clean builds, according to tests.

  1. Java vs. Kotlin: Android Studio 3.0 Support:

Java’s utility in the Android environment is limited. Android Studio 3.0 fully promotes Java 7 and certain Java 8 capabilities. However Android Studio does not support Java SE 10, which is the most recent version of Java. Because Kotlin fully embraces the possibilities of the newest versions, app developers are more interesting to employ it.

  1. Community Support for Java vs Kotlin

Java is two decades old, and in that time, it has gathered a sizable and strong development community all across the world. Therefore we can always get our hands on the most amazing of Java projects.

Java has 82,713 repository results on Github as of today. As a result, the probabilities of finding the queries that a developer is looking for remain high. It is making the development process a breeze.

When we look at the Kotlin repositories, we see that it has far less than Java and is still in its early stages. That is why there aren’t many Kotlin professionals available to help with the development process.

Let’s wrap it up!

In today’s article, we saw the comparison between Java vs Kotlin. We learnt what they are and with them, there are their advantages. We compared both of them at certain points. Therefore we hope that you might have liked this article. If yes then please remember to leave a positive comment down below.

And in case you have any queries then please let us know. We will try to help you as soon as possible. Lastly, we have many articles on our website that you can read and take help from. Keep reading and stay safe!


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