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Janhvi Kapoor lays perfect Monday motivation with pullups, strength exercises | Health

Strengthening the core, upper body muscles and mental health is currently a trend among Bollywood celebrities and actor Janhvi Kapoor could not be left behind as she entered Monday with pullups and strength exercises session. After returning to Pilates workout last week, Janhvi is all for toning her body like never before and her recent fitness videos of pullups and strength exercises at the gym are our Monday “morale boost”.

Taking to her social media handle, Janhvi shared two videos on her Instagram story feature that gave a sneak-peek into her robust workout session. Donning a white sports bralette top, teamed with a pair of white shorts, Janhvi pulled back her tresses into a high ponytail hairstyle to ace the athleisure look as she performed the exercises bare feet with support of a resistance band.

In the first video, Janhvi was featured performing pullups by stretching her arms above her head to grasp the parallel bar with both hands. Seizing the opportunity for strengthening her back, shoulders and arms, the actor pulled up on the parallel bars and fans can’t help but swoon over as they aim for the same fitness levels.


Janhvi Kapoor performs pullups on parallel bars(Instagram/janhvikapoor)


Used in gymnastics, parallel bars are two horizontal bars fastened to four poles and placed parallel to each other to help boost multifunctionality. In the next video, Janhvi was seen standing in between a waist-length bar and gripping it with each hand, she lifted her body weight off the ground without bending her knees.


Janhvi Kapoor performs strength exercises(Instagram/janhvikapoor)
Janhvi Kapoor performs strength exercises(Instagram/janhvikapoor)



Exercises that don’t rely on anything but a person’s own body weight and are performed with differing levels of intensity and rhythm are called Calisthenics which build serious strength, improve your brain-body connection, help you lose weight and body fat, reduces injury risk, improves mobility and ease of movement and ensures better long-term health. Push-ups, pullups, squats, planks and jumping exercises are some of the best example calisthenics workouts for beginners.

Pullups exercise is a very beneficial workout to strengthen the muscles in the back, shoulder and arms while improving grip strength, overall body strength and fitness level. All the upper body muscles including the lats, traps, deltoids, pecs, biceps, forearms and triceps are brought into action when one lifts their whole body from the floor by hanging on a bar.

It is ideal for physical and mental health as it challenges your muscles. Though pullups are very efficient exercise routine, they are not recommended for beginner fitness levels. They are a great way to strengthen your biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, grip strength, lats, shoulders and your core.

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