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J-Man announces Weed And Whiskey News now on Spotify

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2023/ — Weed And Whiskey TV, the brainchild of industry maverick, Jerry “J-Man” Joyner, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Spotify. Known for his unique coverage of the cannabis and spirits industries on his flagship show, Weed And Whiskey News, J-Man is set to take his inimitable style and distinctive content to Spotify’s global audience.

This monumental development in the growth of Weed And Whiskey TV is expected to significantly expand the brand’s reach. Leveraging Spotify’s comprehensive user base, this partnership provides a robust platform for Weed And Whiskey TV to build greater brand recognition, ultimately leading to a broader distribution of both the Weed And Whiskey News and the original content that streams for free on Weed And Whiskey TV.

“Collaborating with Spotify marks an incredible milestone for us,” declared J-Man. “It enables us to reach out to a wider audience, disseminating our passion for both cannabis and whiskey in a more accessible and engaging format. We’re thrilled to extend our original content to Spotify’s diverse users and elevate Weed And Whiskey TV to new heights of visibility and impact.”

Listeners and viewers on Spotify will now have unprecedented access to the full suite of Weed And Whiskey News episodes, as well as an extensive range of original content previously exclusive to Weed And Whiskey TV. This strategic partnership demonstrates Spotify’s commitment to diversifying its content and embracing the dynamic and rapidly expanding world of cannabis culture.

“In a time of content overload and audience fragmentation, our collaboration with Spotify significantly enhances our content delivery, meeting viewers where they are most comfortable and delivering the content they love in the format they prefer,” J-Man added.

This partnership signals a significant step forward for Weed And Whiskey TV, reaffirming its commitment to innovation, accessibility, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realms of cannabis and whiskey news, education, and entertainment.

“Throughout the years, we’ve stayed true to our mission of educating, informing, and entertaining our audience about the nuanced world of cannabis and spirits. Our partnership with Spotify not only allows us to achieve this on a larger scale but also places us at the forefront of the industry,” J-Man said.

With Weed And Whiskey News now streaming on Spotify, enthusiasts of the brand can look forward to even more original content that provides an in-depth look at the exciting developments in the cannabis and spirits industries. This comes as part of Weed And Whiskey TV’s ongoing commitment to staying at the cutting edge of the industry and keeping their audiences informed and entertained.

In conclusion, this collaboration is more than just an expansion of distribution channels for Weed And Whiskey TV. It’s a testament to the brand’s growth, popularity, and commitment to its viewers. It’s a significant step towards broader recognition and influence in the cannabis and spirits industries.

Stay tuned for more updates, and prepare to join the exciting journey with Jerry “J-Man” Joyner, on Spotify.

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About Weed And Whiskey TV:

Weed And Whiskey TV, the pioneering platform founded by industry icon, Jerry “J-Man” Joyner, delves into the fascinating world of cannabis and whiskey. Through its flagship show, Weed And Whiskey News, it continues to educate, inform, and entertain audiences, providing insightful and up-to-date coverage of the latest developments in these vibrant industries.

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