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It’s time for Banglorians to get their Cars detailed with Zixdo, Atul Ranjan

New Delhi, December 12: Launching car cleaning and lite-detailing services of Zixdo in Bangalore from 23rd November with our franchise partner Mr. Vinay Hegde. Yes, you heard it right, our company is now in your city to serve you with best-in-class services. Zixdo, the sub-brand of, is India’s largest doorstep car cleaning and detailing chain. The company has over 90 already running franchises, while more than 30 will be launching soon.

The significant expertise of the professionals from our parent company has laid the base of the company so strongly that Zixdo is sure to grow multiple folds in the years to come. The unique ideology of our become became popular in the country and especially among the youth who loved our detailing services even more. Our pillar technicians carry forward these services with utmost precision and quality.

To maximize the reach of our services, we have launched an online portal through which customers can easily reach us and book the desired services. After booking the services, our technicians will arrive at your doorsteps with portable high-end machines at the given time and get the work done. We ensure the quality of the products used and also look that the hygiene of the surrounding is maintained.

Our franchise partner Mr. Vinay Hegde invites all Bangaloreans to experience the services of Zixdo under his supervision. The services of the experts of Zixdo are sure to turn you into a proud customer of the company.

Well, suppose you are one of those enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in a low-investment and high-return business. In that case, we will welcome you open-heartedly to become our franchise partners. We will provide the assistance and staff training required during the franchise’s initial set-up phase.



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