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It is Simple and FREE to get your Federal Tax ID (EIN) from the IRS for your LLC. Don't be Tricked!

IRS.GOV has made it simple and free to get your tax EIN online. It is Free!


An EIN (Employer Identification Number) is prominent for LLC registration for filing taxes and applying for credit facilities from banks and third-party vendors. Businesses can directly obtain the employer identification number from the internal revenue service (IRS) via calls, mail, fax, and online channels.

Application Process for Obtaining EIN

The EIN functions as a nine-digit tax ID code assigned by the IRS. With this code, the IRS can recognize businesses. Hence, an EIN is similar to a social security number for LLCs, and applying for an EIN is therefore prominent.

Here are three ways how you can apply for EIN when registering for an LLC in American Samoa-

Online Application

Online channels are the most effective and seamless ways to get EIN quickly. The process involves filling out an application form on the IRS website online. Once the authorities verify your application, your business is assigned an EIN.

The online process is simple and follows a step-by-step procedure. Also, answering a few essential questions can speed up the entire process. Businesses need to gather basic information and get Form SS-4 before starting the online application process.

Mailing option

The conventional way of mailing the application is also another way to apply. Users need to fill out and submit their SS-4 form and mail it to the designated IRS address. The usual processing times are around 4 weeks. In case of additional requirements, the application process may be longer.

Fax option

The American Samoan LLCs can also fax the SS-4 form to the internal revenue service via fax numbers. LLCs can receive their EIN in three or four business days with the fax option.

Calling the IRS

International applications with American Samoa LLC registration mostly rely on the calling option. LLCs can call the IRS toll-free number +1-267-941-1099 and answer relevant questions to receive the EIN.

An EIN is vital for start-up LLCs

At times, businesses require more than one EIN, which can confuse company owners. EIN is essential for opening bank accounts, hiring employees, and raising finance for a business. EIN is vital to maintain the limited liability status of the company. Moreover, it reduces issues like identity theft.

American Samoa provides a seamless approach for LLC registration

American Samoa is becoming a popular destination for LLC registration over cities like Delaware. The unincorporated U.S. territory offers multiple benefits on LLC registration, like tax savings and asset protection. In addition, their seamless application process and online portal make them a top place for international businesses to register their business. Moreover, with guidance from the government, companies can also complete other essentials like getting an EIN with ease.

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