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Isha Foundation Introduces Project Samskriti

Sadhguru addresses the launch of Project Samskriti on the occasion of Guru Pournima.

Project Samskriti is intended for learning classical Indian art forms of music,  chants, dance & martial arts.

Guru Pournima is one of the important festivals and most respected occasions in the country. Sadhguru venerated as Jagadish Vasudev is an Indian yogi & Author. With 79.7 Lakhs subscribers on Youtube & 5.7M followers on Instagram, there’s a huge number of followers of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev as he is a multifarious identity with millions of subscribers following him all around the globe & overall of social media.

Recently he announced the launch of Project Samskriti, which is intended to enhance your life by learning various activities like classical dancing, classical music, martial arts  by the school which is dedicated to classical arts.

Sadhguru is the owner & founder of Isha Foundation, its mission is to create human consciousness &  encourage its amity globally.  The Isha Foundation let’s you learn and have a deeper understanding of ancient science of yoga. The foundation offers variety of programs to develop your mental & physical health.

According to the Isha Foundation above the age of 7 years can enlist for this project where one can learn all of these activities.  The project & the activities would be transmitted live online and the complete details would be available on the website Samskriti.

Sadhguru has changed a lot of people through Isha Foundation. Masses all around the world attend his session personally or live.  Jagdish Vasudev also known as Sadguru, was born on 3rd September 1957 in the Mysore State. He was a creative & and outgoing thinker since his childhood. His concentration power is amazing and powerful. A lot of National & International actors & actresses also follow Sadhguru as his teachings are very pure.

Saadhguru’s live teachings teach you a lot of important things one should contemplate in their life.  His teaching prevails from mental health to values & ethics to personality development.

The project Samskriti was anchored by a young group of people who have at least affectionate 15 years of vitality to these arts.

The project allows each & every mass out there all around the globe to participate and develop the personality through such activities.

Sadhguru is famous for his quotes & books. His famous quote “ One moment of absolute gratitude can transform your whole life” has a deeper meaning & understanding.



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