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Is Reshoring Resulting in More Jobs Coming Home to America?

Harry Moser

Moser on Manufacturing Logo

Moser on Manufacturing Logo

Jacket Media Co Launches a New Podcast with Harry Moser called Moser on Manufacturing and Focused on Reshoring

Harry’s years of experience as a keynote and session speaker at industry trade shows across America has helped to perfect his role as a respected commentator.”

— Lew Weiss – Founder, Manufacturing Talk Radio

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2022 / — has launched a new podcast with Harry Moser, Founder and President of the Reshoring Initiative called Moser on Manufacturing. For at least the past 30 years or more, companies have aggressively offshored the production of parts, assemblies, and finished goods, diminishing the employment picture for hundreds of thousands of Americans, adversely impacting American families. In early 2010, Harry Moser jumped into the battle for restoring the production of parts, assemblies, and finished goods to reverse the offshoring trend. To further his message, Harry has joined forces with JacketMediaCo on its Manufacturing Talk Radio channel where he shares his insights with listeners with the facts and figures of reshoring.

The U.S. share of global manufacturing has shrunk from about 50% in 1945 to 17% in 2018. We sacrificed our manufacturing economy to help developing countries achieve middle-class incomes and democracy. Unlike competitor countries, we failed to establish an industrial policy. Currently, at least half of what we consume in the United States is imported, with major supply chain gaps such as PPE, chips, and rare earth minerals. We are severely dependent on other countries, including potential adversaries. How did this trend occur? What success have we had since 2010 in reversing the decline? What needs to be done to restore self-sufficiency, to reestablish U.S. supply chains? How can companies engage and benefit? What does the U.S. government need to do to level the playing field? What tools and resources does the Reshoring Initiative provide. Get answers. Each Moser on Manufacturing podcast airs the last Thursday of every month, with the inaugural show posted on March 31, 2022, that you can hear at

Harry founded the Reshoring Initiative to help bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. after twenty-five years at the helm of GF AgieCharmilles, now GF Machining Solutions, as North American president and subsequently chairman emeritus. Largely due to the success of the Reshoring Initiative, Harry was inducted into the Industry Week Manufacturing Hall of Fame 2010 and was named Quality Magazine’s Quality Professional of the year for 2012. Harry participated in President Obama’s 2012 Insourcing Forum at the White House, won the Jan. 2013 The Economist debate on outsourcing and offshoring, and received the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s Industry Advocacy Award in 2014.

Harry is frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New Yorker and USA Today and seen on Fox Business, MarketWatch and other national TV and radio programs. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Engineering at MIT in 1967, as well as an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1981.

Harry and the Reshoring Initiative focus primarily on bringing back as much manufacturing as possible, at the current U.S. level of competitiveness. Secondarily, they work to improve U.S. competitiveness, by advocating for needed policy changes and by strengthening the U.S. skilled workforce. Harry serves on the board of MSSC (Manufacturing Skill Standards Council), a leading manufacturing credentialing organization.

Moser on Manufacturing will push the discussion out to listeners on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Spotify, and dozens of other streaming services so the general public will have access to the reshoring facts and figures and they look ahead towards their own career path in American manufacturing. “Harry’s years of experience as a keynote and session speaker at industry trade shows across America has helped to perfect his role as a respected commentator,” said Lewis Weiss, host of Manufacturing Talk Radio.

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