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IRIS Home Fragrances Launches an Exclusive Diwali Collection Ahead of Diwali

IRIS Home Fragrances from Ripple Fragrances, the spatial fragrance initiative of Mysore-based NRRS, has launched an exclusive range of Diwali products ahead of the festival. The Diwali collection includes gift sets in French Lavender, Silk Musk, Taper Jar candles in Musk Elixir, and Sea Shore, Fragrance Potpourris in Jasmine and Apple Cinnamon, and Fragrance Sack in Cherry blossom and Silk Musk.


Diwali Gift sets by IRIS Home Fragrances


The collection is specially designed for the festival of light and to add enchanting aroma to the festivities. This eclectic range will brighten up your celebration. Even after the festival is over, the candles are an excellent choice for modern interiors. The soothing aromas and gorgeous delivery systems, which are available in beautiful kits, make an excellent gift for your loved ones during the festival.


Commenting on the new collection, Mr. Kiran Ranga, MD and Master Fragrance Creator, Ripple Fragrances, said, “We all enjoy the festival of lights, and the collection is intended to create the glow that we all enjoy during this time. The collection has something for every fragrance enthusiast as well as something that will fit in your home. This collection is designed to spread love, glow and joy. We at IRIS went above and beyond to create a collection that embodies the bespoke quality of fragrance. IRIS Home Fragrances is dedicated to elevating the concept of fine living and well-being. The Diwali collection from the brand has been curated to add a personal touch to the celebration.”


The range can be used to create gifting kits containing flower potpourris, aromatic candle and Fragrance pouch that are available in French Lavender, Apple Cinnamon, Jasmine and Rose variants. The Diwali home fragrance range is available exclusively at IRIS Aroma Boutiques in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The range is available online at and in all the leading stores across India. This collection is priced between INR 300-1000.


About Ripple Fragrance

The IRIS dream is to create sensory delight through fragrance and form. From fragrant oils to reed diffusers, Iris covers aroma in every form. The fragrance of beautifully designed Iris products has a revitalising effect on its ambience and enhances the aesthetics of the space, too.


Ripple Fragrances Pvt. Ltd. is a division of the NR Group – with headquarters at Mysore. The NR Group was established in 1948 and is the market leader in incense sticks with its flagship brand “Cycle”. The NR Group is vertically integrated in the fragrance domain. It is one of the few Indian marketing companies that creates and blends its perfumes in-house. NESSO, a subsidiary of the NR Group, manufactures floral and herbal extracts. It is a global market share leader in Tuberose and Jasmine extracts. Building on the Group’s competence in fragrance creation.


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