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InvestTech Platform First Public Demonstration at Rise London by Barclays

InvestTech Platform

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 29, 2022 / — Deep Knowledge Group hosted the first public demonstration and launch event for its InvestTech Platform at Rise London by Barclays on Friday, November 25th.

The InvestTech Platform is an AI-powered next-generation investment management technology designed to streamline fundraising and investment processes in private equity markets through innovative analytical and matching tools, providing investors with access to private equity fundraising deals leveraging the full set of tools required to make investments, and enabling startups to boost their networks of existing investors, focus on their growth goals, and receive comprehensive support throughout the fundraising process.

Platform features include:

◉ A clear and transparent investment process;

◉ Mitigation of compliance risks;

◉ Investing on a deal-by-deal basis;

◉ Enhanced risk management;

◉ In-depth performance analysis;

◉ Alignment with the initial investment vision;

◉ Tailored to the needs of investors;

◉ Suitable for family offices and angel syndicates.

During the launch event Deep Knowledge Group Head of Investor Relations Talgat Takiyev delivered a comprehensive overview and first-ever public demonstration of the platform. He was joined by Deep Knowledge Group Head of Strategic Partnerships Dominic Jennings, who gave a talk on Advanced InvestTech Solutions’ DeepTech Ecosystem Big Data Analytical Dashboard, as well as Deep Knowledge Group Strategic Director Roxy Iqbal, who delivered a presentation on the Group’s flagship Longevity Banking and FinTech portfolio company, Longevity Card.

Speaking at the event, Roxy Iqbal, Director of Longevity Card, said: “Longevity Card is the new way to lead a healthy lifestyle and manage your money in one secure app. It’s designed for those who strive to live longer, healthier lives and who will be incentivised by receiving rewards for leading a healthier lifestyle. In a postdemic society our health is more valuable now than ever. Negative impact products cost us more than just money, and so it makes sense that the concept of health and longevity should receive greater attention and be considered as a tangible and precious asset of equal standing to financial health… indeed, Health, is the new wealth!”

In concluding his talk, Deep Knowledge Group Head of Investor Relations Talgat Takiev stated: “Amid growing uncertainty in the public financial markets, increasing numbers of Investors are looking for accessible ways to diversify from traditional publicly traded securities into the territory of private equity. But in spite of the technological advances made by DeepTech and frontier sectors, the investment methodologies used by major DeepTech market participants have not changed for decades, creating a recognized and pressing need for startups and financiers alike to find more progressive solutions to make fundraising more efficient for companies and more predictable, stable and validatable for investors.”

Takiyev added: “With its new InvestTech Platform, Deep Knowledge Group aims to remove existing barriers in private equity markets and to add value for all stakeholders. Our InvestTech Platform represents an end-to-end solution that enables startups to raise funds efficiently and keep growing. Innovative LegalTech tools and e-documentation provide a clear, step-by-step investment process, which is enhanced by additional service integrations including the platform’s Investor Relations Management system, specialized CRM and corporate payment solutions.”

Talking about the Group’s wider ecosystem of Big Data Analytical Systems and Dashboards, Dominic Jennings, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Deep Knowledge Group, said: “These dashboards were an essential integration for the InvestTech Platform for companies and investors, reducing time and effort in their search for potential partners in private markets. Deep Knowledge Group and its subsidiaries have created the world’s first AI-driven Big Data Analytical Systems and Dashboards which includes the largest existing database of Deeptech, Longevity and Frontier technology companies and investors.”

Jennings further added: “These dashboards offer profound investment and data science analytics via customised IT platforms covering over 500,000 companies, 40,000 investors and 40,000,000 data points in DeepTech, Longevity, BioTech, Govtech and other frontier domains. They provide a systemic overview of the industries, analysing companies, investors, competitor landscapes, funding rounds, technologies and SWOT analysis rankings to generate advanced, data-driven investment recommendations. 99% of the companies in the database are privately held, and Deep Knowledge Group is plugging the information gap for investors in these industries which represent the newest, largest and most complex asset class of the 21st century.”

About Deep Knowledge Group

Deep Knowledge Group is a consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations active on many fronts in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, FinTech, GovTech, InvestTech).

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