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Introducing MIDAS: The Leading Indonesian Startup for Crypto Mining Gear

The company’s main focus is to help users mine various types of cryptocurrencies, hassle-free.

SURABAYA, INDONESIA, April 3, 2022 / — The team at MIDAS is pleased to announce its latest mining hardware – RedHunter Dense X1. The company offers dedicated crypto mining hardware by providing the best gear for every miner from a different backgrounds and experiences. Midas’ main focus is to mine various types of cryptocurrencies in a hassle-free way.

Utilizing the basic idea of proof of work protocol, The Pool will reward every miner according to its contribution according to its hash rate. This simplicity makes RedHunter the most efficient tool and competitive equipment in the crypto mining industry.

RedHunter Dense X1

With a long-term strategy to encourage the crypto industry in Indonesia, Midas offers the most exceptional gear in terms of flexibility. The software is cheap in terms of price and electricity usage, yet very handy and portable. Additionally, RedHunter is a necessary gear that every miner needs and is crafted from superior fabrication.

Among the company’s many products, RedHunter Dense X1 is categorized as the best one in terms of speed and hash rate utilizing Micro Chipset Miner technology. The aim is to create a comprehensive solution for every crypto miner through one of the most simple, yet powerful, devices in the market.

“Our product is no more than a USB stick-miner that need less than 11 watts for their power source with a 12,000-hash rate speed only through a USB port,” says a spokesperson for the company. “The common problem of any miner around the world is high electrical power consumption, and Midas provides the best solution for this obstacle. The design is beneficial for every user who has high mobility since this device can be operated anywhere and anytime.”

Midas Solution

Midas comes to solve the problem related to the initial capital only for starting. It’s a portable and handy gear and, when using the RedHunter device, consumers will save more space, and do their task from any place at any time.

RedHunter is currently working at 12,000 hash rate speed, which aims to provide approximately about $30 – $45 for a single device in a month.

The RedHunter Dense X1 is an efficient gear due to its simplicity, for mining due to its micro design, for saving money due to its cheap and less power, for profit due to its hash rate speed, for the mobile users due to its flexibility, for the community due to its forum, and all-in-one mining equipment.

As a fast-growing startup, Midas holds the largest miner community in Indonesia. It’s growing rapidly with more than 10,000 users only for four month, especially in the crypto mining field. Today, Midas has already sold 18,000 mining gears.

Apart from its core business as the trusted distributor of mining gear, Midas also focused on developing the miner community in Indonesia to flourish through their services and products ecosystem.

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