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Intrinio Launches $100/m Starter Bundle of Financial Data for Individuals and Startups

Affordable “kitchen sink” financial data package built for innovators

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — St. Petersburg, FL: Full-service financial data provider and technology partner, Intrinio is pleased to announce the launch of a new $100/m Starter Bundle of Financial Data Feeds built for individuals. This new product is an affordable entry point for fintech innovators and individual investors who need access to high-quality data without breaking the bank.

Intrinio’s Starter Bundle is the most affordable, easy and risk-free way to get started working with financial data. It includes a “kitchen sink” of data: fundamentals, stock prices, options prices, institutional holdings, insider transactions, and more. This data package is supported by an industry-leading API, bulk downloads, documentation, software development kits (SDKs), and more. The Starter Bundle is built for individual, internal use only. Customers that are looking for display and redistribution access can scale up to one of Intrinio’s core data packages when they are ready.

The Starter Bundle is designed to fill a gap in the market between terminal solutions and web apps, which are restrictive and hard to customize, and enterprise solutions, which are expensive and licensed primarily to large institutions. By providing institutional grade data feeds in an API format, the Starter Bundle allows innovators to build custom investment solutions for their own use, something that was previously only available to the largest investment firms.

“Our mission is to use data to power the next generation of fintech innovation. Sometimes that innovation starts in the garage, the dorm room, or the basement,” said Intrinio CEO, Rachel Carpenter. “At the earliest stages, the bravest and most innovative entrepreneurs need affordable data to get started, but it has to be high quality. Until now, that solution didn’t exist in the market. We built the Starter Bundle to support innovators and traders who are sandboxing the next big thing or trying to manage their own investments in a more advanced way. This data package will power innovation at the earliest of stages – where the magic starts to happen.”

Anyone interested in the Starter Bundle can sign up for an account to immediately access the data. As team Intrinio likes to say – “We can’t wait to see what you build!”

About the Company:

Intrinio is a full-service financial data and technology partner with a mission to power the innovators defining the future of finance through modern data technologies. This means automating the data supply chain with advanced infrastructure and machine learning, delivering high-quality data through cutting-edge tools designed for developers and engineers, and getting it all in the hands of people who are challenging the system. By focusing on foundational data products such as stock market data and fundamentals, Intrinio is able to provide high-quality data, innovative tools, and premium support to its clients.

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