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Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp

The Unexpected Trip in the Swim Camp and The Dreams to be Fulfilled

“The big day finally arrived to go to their first camp. They didn’t know everything that would take
place, but it had to be great in the mind of the group of best friends.”—”

— Excerpt from Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp by Sherry Walraven.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2022 / — Author Sherry Walraven will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming Tucson Book Fair 2022 with her published book title, Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp. A wide range of genres was covered in this book. It is about a group of teenage swimmers preparing for the competition that will take place soon. A new coach, Coach Sheila supervised and guided them.

All of them plan for a swim camp. They would practice their swimming in a lake in the mornings, zipline in the afternoon, or exploring. Having an adventure is what they are waiting for.

“Everyone is learning to navigate their problems without drawing too much attention to themselves or failing at what is most important to them. Walraven truly composed a well-rounded tale that is a great fit for any young reader.” — Reviewed by Nicole Olson, Hollywood Book Reviews.

“The story unfolds a bit like a Scooby-Doo episode, but with more realistic threats to the young explorers…Reading Walraven’s book, comparisons to Mark Twain’s The Adventure of Tom Swayer come to mind.” — Reviewed by Mark Heisey, US Review of Books.

Sherry Walraven worked as a middle school language arts teacher and an elementary school principal. She is very family-oriented, now retired, and currently living in Calhoun, Georgia for a long time. With Michaela’s help, the book was finished, her lovely granddaughter.

Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp
Written by: Sherry Walraven
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