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International Multi Award Winning Musician and Theologian, Releases Eighth Album To Help People Feel Valued

Dr. Paul Luftenegger

Picture of SPHERES OF LOVE Album Cover


Dr. Paul Luftenegger, Recording Spheres Of Love, Toronto

Dr. Paul Luftenegger, Recording Spheres Of Love

Dr. Paul Luftenegger is an award winning singer/songwriter who lost his father to suicide in 2011 and now writes kind music to help the listener feel valued

I am committed to mental health awareness – my own father sadly took his life in 2011 because of mental health issues. My new album SPHERES OF LOVE values the heart and soul of the listener.”

— Dr. Paul Luftenegger

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Paul Luftenegger is a servant of God and believes in the powers of love and kindness as key to helping heal. To that end, he has successfully released seven albums of music and is pleased to announce his eighth album, SPHERES OF LOVE.

SPHERES OF LOVE focuses on the inner power every individual has for love and kindness. Each piece is designed for the individual to learn they have intrinsic value. For Luftenegger, there is a personal connection to this fact.

“So many in the world do not recognize their value to one another. This is a serious issue, and one of the reasons why I am committed to mental health and awareness. My own father took his life in 2011 because of mental health issues. SPHERES OF LOVE provides that value to listeners,” said Luftenegger.

People are already raving about the album.

“Years of lecturing around this beautiful planet have provided me an opportunity to encounter wonderful Cultural Creatives that are helping to bring harmony into the world. Paul Luftenegger was chosen and a featured musician helping the world. Paul’s music has a bigger and greater function than just the enjoyment for the individual because it has the opportunity to influence and change the world. The vibrations that come out of Paul are those of harmony. Those of love.” Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., offering his opinion on SPHERES OF LOVE.

Each track from the album came from support from people around the globe dedicated to helping Dr. Luftenegger and his messages.

SPHERES OF LOVE was recorded at The Orange Lounge Recording Studio, Toronto, Canada. Its producer – Arun Chaturvedi, President of S.A.C., Songwriters Association of Canada.

Additional information, including sample tracks, lyrics and how to order SPHERES OF LOVE and Dr. Luftenegger’s other works is on the website. Go to www.beekindness.com.


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Broken and Whole, Track #11 From Dr. Paul Luftenegger’s New Album, SPHERES OF LOVE

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