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Intelligent Video-conferencing Providing Enterprises with Glitch-Free Virtual Meeting Ecosystem

VideoMeet, the Made in India video conferencing application is giving cutting edge competition to the foreign alternatives with its unique array of features that revolve around making communication seamless in a virtual enterprise system.


User-Friendly virtual meeting interface in VideoMeet


The application is equipped with powerful functioning that includes sensitive meeting mode in a customized virtual room, social media streaming, and 3D virtual branding, etc. VideoMeet has also integrated a highly utility-based feature for ‘Closure note’ wherein users can securely share and keep documents in individual’s locked virtual rooms. This is the much needed feature which will help employees across the multiple locations of a company to freely and securely exchange and access their official paperwork and data, without the hustle of retrieving documents from different devices.

At the time when most of the organisations have adapted to the hybrid working culture, VideoMeet is adding new features to make virtual ecosystem for a better experience. In the process, the video conferencing app has equipped an intelligent system to auto detect internet bandwidth and alter the resolution and voice quality requirements of video call for a glitch-free networking meeting.

A typical videoconferencing in application allows almost 2000 participants with a dynamic feature like breakout rooms that allows the host to split a video meeting into multiple small sessions-cum-rooms. The host can also schedule pre-recorded meetings with the Playback feature that enables users to watch the recorded meetings. The other innovative features like screen sharing, file sharing, live streaming, and webinar support add value to the way the business communicates. Beyond these features, the app is offering end-to-end encryption and ensures the safety of sensitive business and trade information.

Managing the video quality, changing the custom background, and the option to go live on YouTube and Facebook via VideoMeet are some appreciated features of the ruling app. The application during its inception has been listed in one of the top 10 contenders and received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of IT and Electronics (MeitY), Government of India in ‘Made in India Video Conferencing Innovation Challenge‘.


Elaboration on adding new highlights in the array of features Dr. Ajay Data, Founder, VideoMeet said, “We are continuously rolling out new features to enhance the virtual business meetings experience so the participants spend less time on correcting the technical tasks and more time on their purposeful communication. We are also coming up with changes that will add on more utility to our application.” VideoMeet comes in different price structure, categorized in bronze, silver, and gold plans with additional features.



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