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Instagram Influencer Richa Hingle (Vegan Richa) Shows How to Cook Healthy Indian Meal on a Busy Day

She, a food influencer and author of the new cookbook VR’s Indian Kitchen, says she started cooking vegan meals to show people they could have delicious, meat-free Indian food without giving up taste or texture. Her book provides 125 recipes for everything from starters to main courses, all plant-based. “I wanted to show people that veganism doesn’t have to be bland or boring,” says Richa. “There are so many unique options out there!

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Food influencers have always been a big part of the internet. From bloggers to vloggers, people who love to share their food experiences with others have always been famous. Recently, there’s been a new type of food influencer, one who uses social media to promote veganism. Her (Vegan Richa) is one such influencer, and her latest project is a book called VR’s Indian Kitchen: A Plant-based Adventure Across India.

In recent years, Instagram has become a top-rated platform for food bloggers and influencers to share their recipes and cooking tips with the world. Indian food bloggers and Instagram influencers are some of the most in-demand on the platform, thanks to their unique perspectives and flair for photography. Look at any of the wealthiest and most popular Indian food Instagrammers! Instagram is a Famous social media platform where people can share photos and videos of their food. Many Instagram influencers in India have an audience of millions of followers. They promote different types of food and make them look delicious.

  1. Richa Hingle, also known as Vegan Richa, is an online vegan food influencer from India.
  2. She has over 348,000 followers on Instagram and has amassed a following for her healthy, plant-based recipes and lifestyle tips.
  3. As an influencer, Richa helps people learn about veganism and the benefits of a plant-based diet.

In India, a growing number of vegan food influencers are helping bring plant-based eating to a broader audience. Richa Hingle, or Vegan Richa, is one such influencer, with more than 348,000 followers on her food Instagram account. Her recipes and tips are popular with meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, and she provides an overview of the Indian vegan food scene in her videos.

The food Instagram influencers in India are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after individuals in the industry. With so many people trying to want a piece of their pie, it can be challenging for any individual to stand out. That said, the vegan richa food Instagram influencers are doing just that. With an impressive following of over 348,000 followers, these influencers prove that healthy and delicious vegan food is nothing to be afraid of. From sweet and savory recipes to quick and easy snacks, these bloggers know how to pack a lot of flavor into every post. If you’re looking for inspiration when creating vegan meals on your own, check out these talented bloggers’ accounts!

Richa Hingle (Vegan Richa) is one of India’s most popular vegan food youtube influencers. Her recipes are simple, easy to follow, and full of flavor. She also makes a lot of vegan versions of Indian dishes, which is a huge selling point for her channel. Although She started as a vegan, she now eats a balanced diet that includes meat and dairy products. It makes her videos both informative and entertaining for her fans. Her cooking style is informal and down-to-earth, which makes her videos feel like home cooking.

Her popularity has led to several cookbooks and business ventures, including the launching of her line of vegan products. She is one of the most popular vegan food youtube influencers in India. Her channel has over 42,000 subscribers, and her videos have been watched over 1.5 million times. Her recipes are simple and easy to follow, and she often makes them using everyday ingredients you can find at your local grocery shop.

She is an excellent example of how a vegan lifestyle can be healthy, affordable, and delicious. Her popularity demonstrates the appeal of a vegan diet not just to those committed to animal rights but also to those looking for easy-to-follow recipes that they can enjoy without spending hours in the kitchen.





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