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Innovation, Perseverance and Passion Driven by Legacy

Vanbros is a legacy architecture conglomerate with a forte to define and shape the abstractions for diverse clientele by showcasing their artistry & rich heritage to the world. A family-owned business established in the post-independence era way back in 1952. Vanbros is one of India’s diverse conglomerates, founded by Mr. Fauja Singh, whose passion for designing sophisticated environments has blossomed into a desire to deliver an unrivalled experience.


Vanbros: Innovation, Perseverance & Passion Driven by Legacy


Vanbros rose to prominence by leading development and innovation, which has evolved the company into one large family. The Vanbros clan includes highly talented designers, top-of-the-line engineers, trusted contractors, cabinetmakers, carpenters, weavers, and metalworkers, all of which constitute a workforce of around 1000 individuals from across India. All these artisans open us up to the world of ideas we might not have had, allowing us to imagine vintage and contemporary versions, which stimulates our imagination. They’ve portrayed innate contrasts-where the roots are indeed modern yet cultural, exotic yet familiar, and modest yet proud.


Taking a closer look at their expertise and exclusive offerings, they offer professional consultation, comprehensive design execution and manufacturing, and their unique knowledge on customized and exclusively engineered woodwork. The sheer beauty of designing and construction is the art of balancing functionality, technicality, and artistry, with all these qualities that often seem to be at odds with each other. The core of their profession is to build a location so that it can fulfill its different functions.


Vanbros pursues this conviction in every project it undertakes, offering opulent work of mega-value that coincides with their clients’ deliberation. To a great extent, new construction spaces are more than just brick and mortar, and their legacy is familiar with this motto, as their unique representations of super-elite families. Vanbros’ projects convey convincing stories, infusing them with the architect’s vision and blending sketches with cutting-edge technology to create visually spectacular designs. Spaces created by Vanbros relate to the establishment’s history as a gift of luxury and extravagance. Its constant pursuance of exploring design trends and aesthetic dialects places it in the league of the most-favored construction brands among clients.


Long-term and recent collaborations with international architects bring a variety of viewpoints to Vanbros table, ensuring that their clients obtain the finest, most distinctive deliverables akin to triumph. It places a strong emphasis on the quality of raw materials during procurement; these materials form the core of every project.


The scope of comprehensive speculative activity for clients extends beyond the country’s borders. Each design at Vanbros conveys a distinct tale. The company is actively working on a slew of intriguing projects in a multitude of sectors globally, all of which feature breathtaking landscapes and decor.


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