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Indigo Flight Going To Srinagar Jammu Enters Pakistan Airspace Lands In Amritsar

Indigo Flight: Because of dangerous climate, an Indigo flight needed to go to Pakistani airspace for a while, this info has come to the fore from the airline firm. In which it has been informed that Indigo flight 6e-2124 had entered Pakistan’s airspace for some time, after which it was diverted in the direction of Amritsar. In line with the airline firm, this flight was going to Jammu, when it needed to change its route on account of dangerous climate.

Pilot gave info
In line with the pilot of the flight, the climate had turn into so dangerous that he was compelled to enter Pakistan’s airspace for a while, though shortly after that the flight returned to Indian airspace. In line with information company ANI, whereas giving details about this, an Indigo official mentioned that the knowledge was given to the involved authorities by the pilot.

flight landed in amritsar
The pilot knowledgeable the authorities in regards to the dangerous climate and mentioned that he needed to enter Pakistani airspace, after which the authorities allowed it. The official mentioned that your complete diversion was properly coordinated by the Lahore and Jammu ATCs. Finally the flight was diverted to Amritsar. After which the secure touchdown of the flight was achieved on the airport.

the incident occurred earlier than
The same incident was additionally seen a couple of month in the past, when a flight of IndiGo had gone into Pakistani airspace on account of dangerous climate. This flight was going from Amritsar to Ahmedabad. Indigo flight 6E-645 needed to go over Attari in the direction of Pakistan, after which contact was made with Pakistani ATC and it was knowledgeable. Lastly the flight landed in Ahmedabad.

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