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India’s Top Fashion Influencer, Kritika Khurana, Shares Her Wisdom on Style

Fashion blogger Kritika Khurana has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, and the Indian fashion industry hopes she can bring much-needed transparency and credibility to a notoriously secretive sector. Khurana democratizes the fashion world by sharing her wardrobe, runway snaps, and street-style pics with her ever-growing army of followers.

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She posts stylish photos and videos, often featuring her innovative, high-end clothing selections. Her audience loves her for her sartorial savvy, and she’s become well known for her edgy style sense and ability to mix classic pieces with contemporary trends.

  1. She is an Instagram influencer from India with a following of over 1.7 million people.
  2. She has been featured in publications such as Vogue India and W.
  3. Her work focuses on street fashion and often features vibrant, off-the-shoulder dresses.

She has gained international recognition for her contemporary and innovative work, often using a mix of traditional and modern art to create striking visuals. Born and raised in Delhi, She started as an accessories designer before turning to fashion photography in 2013. Her distinctive style quickly won her a following among fashion bloggers and online shoppers, who appreciate her unique take on contemporary Indian wardrobe staples.

In addition to her prolific Instagram account, she is a regular contributor to publications like ELLE India and W magazine. She has been highlighted in the surround of several high-profile magazines, including Vogue India and Harper’s Bazaar India, cementing her status as one of the leading Indian fashion influencers. She has a following that predominantly consists of young women, and she uses her platform to promote local designers and trends in India. She also posts seasonal fashion content, providing tips for dressing for different occasions. She frequently collaborates with other fashion bloggers and has been featured in issues such as Vogue India and Harper’s Bazaar India.

Her posts are famous for their bright colors and fun themes, which makes them popular among young Indian women. She uses her platform to share her love of fashion and positively impact the lives of her followers. She has helped promote sustainable clothing habits and raised awareness about mental health issues in young women.



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