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India’s Firstborn Smart Electric Cooker

Pune, Maharashtra, India

AUFLA paraphrases traditional cooking methods, making the procedures simple while bringing out the finest flavours with a touch of automation. This knowledge-intensive start-up from Pune brings you a range of appliances that will enhance your interest in cooking, may you be professional or an amateur. The joy of cooking lies in the flavours achieved, and AUFLA is here for exactly that.


AUFLA – Smart Electric Cooker


AUFLA is India’s first manufacturing plant and firstborn in India, Smart Electric Cooker that has won an award in the ‘Best Energy Performance Category’ all over the world at the Global Leap Awards 2020, these awards were conducted by Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) and Funded by UKAID. It was tested and proved that the Smart Cooker only consumes electricity of 0.4 Units when used for a whole hour. AUFLA promises affordable products with high-grade quality and convenient appliances. The Smart Electric Cooker is designed to retain nutrients and is equipped with an intelligent microcomputer that is programmed to the requirements of the dish that you select. AUFLA has achieved this under the leadership of Mr. Yash Parmar. Mr. Parmar, with his education in entrepreneurship, had this brilliant idea for AUFLA, making cooking safer and easier for women and men. Avoiding pressure cooker related blasts and accidents.


Keeping the authenticity of your mother’s recipes; the aroma that tempted you alive, AUFLA helps eliminate time-consuming, effort mongering and elaborate procedures from the kitchen and gives you technology-led appliances that aid you to achieve the same results hassle-free. The range of appliances comprises of Smart Cooker, Fry Pan, Kadhai and a set of beautifully carved Sheesham/Rosewood Spoons. AUFLA is a quality-driven and customer-centric brand whose mission is to simplify kitchens with technology-driven products that bring value, aesthetics along with better flavours to your kitchen.


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